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Bitcoin’s bounce back highlights the need for a better cryptocurrency portfolio tracker

In just a month, Bitcoin’s value has soared by 40%. In the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies, effective investments are nigh-impossible without the aid of a reliable portfolio tracker.



The rapid rise of Bitcoin’s value in the second half of 2017 was followed by an even faster fall from grace as the great “crypto winter” began. The dramatic rise and fall of Bitcoin underlines the fascinating, and often controversial, journey that cryptocurrency has taken into the mainstream.

Bitcoin experienced a sustained decline throughout the course of 2018, ending the year at a value comparable to pre-boom levels. Despite this 2019 has marked a surprise comeback for Bitcoin and the host of other cryptocurrencies that survived the crash.

Today Bitcoin is priced at over $7,300 – almost twice as much as half a year ago. With the positive interest, some estimate that a new record-high might be achieved in the upcoming months. One might wonder – why Bitcoin’s value has taken off all of sudden, and how can they avoid being caught out by another sudden crash?

Cryptocurrency enters a new spring

Since the beginning of 2019, cryptocurrencies have seen a flurry of investor activity, as both the number of clients and volume of transactions was steadily rising. Interestingly enough, the ongoing political instability in Turkey and Venezuela has prompted their citizens to look for a safe way of storing their capital. As cryptos provide an easy and secure way of investing, on-chain activity in these countries has surged almost 30%.

On top of this the technology has been embraced by some established names. the JP Morgan coin demonstrates the appetite for big businesses for cryptocurrency, so long as they control the technology at least. The interest of established giants in cryptocurrency has likely gone some way to re-legitimizing the technology in the eyes of investors.

Another factor that could stimulate the recent rise of Bitcoin is the apparent interest of big capital in the crypto market. Nike and Facebook are rumored to have invested sums of up to $1 billion into cryptocurrencies, and the market is quick to respond.

Bitcoin’s 50-day moving average has overtaken the 200-day average. This phenomenon, dubbed “golden cross”, is indicative of a positive momentum on the market. Investors have quickly taken notice and cryptocurrencies are likely to experience exponential growth as a result.

cryptocurrency portfolio tracker
Cryptocurrency markets can change overnight. (Photo by DepositPhotos)

How to stay afloat in the sea of change?

Cryptocurrency markets can change overnight, as anyone caught out in the great crash of 2017 can attest. To succeed in a volatile marketplace it’s important to understand the fortunes of your assets at a glance and quickly react to market shifts before you get bitten.

The most popular cryptocurrencies are just the tip of the iceberg. Most serious crypto investors will also own a variety of altcoins, security tokens, and other kinds of blockchain assets. These smaller tokens can be scattered across different wallets and exchanges and that’s a lot of data you need to digest daily in order to make the most of your portfolio.

Nobody likes to underperform, but we’re only humans, and our divided attention has its limits.The key is to leverage a cutting-edge fintech solution, to optimize the way you handle your portfolio, and raise your investment game to a whole new level.

Algorithms drive sustainable  profits

Imagine a solution that would gather all of your stocks, ETFs, and cryptos in one place. Then, add a proprietary computer algorithm that can optimize your investments basing on loads of data incomprehensible for anyone mortal. That, in a nutshell, is Swanest.

Swanest is a portfolio tracker designed to provide you with a birds eye view of all your investments with deep-dive risk analysis. All served in a sleek interface available in the palm of your hand.

Swanest’s main advantage is the unique algorithm supporting their platform. With the power of big data come quantitative insights that allow for a detailed evaluation of each investment risks.

This kind of portfolio tool provides investors with a unique toolkit that allows them to better analyse and manage their investments. What really makes Swanest is unique because it supports a wide variety of assets, including almost any cryptocurrency. This allows an investor to gather all their assets in one place and really understand their financial situation. Users are able to leverage an advanced algorithm which provides feedback on their investments as well as a forecast for expected return based on real-time market data.

Making sense of cryptocurrency isn’t easy

Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency generally, are renowned for throwing up surprises. The potential for profit is absolutely incredible but the risks require some serious planning. Many crypto investors are still reliant on outdated tracking methods and this restrains what they can do with their investment.

By utilizing a portfolio tracking solution it becomes possible for investors to understand their assets and also understand their risk profile, something that is hugely important for crypto investors in particular.

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