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Campaign on Ulule for a zero waste organic deodorant

Les Enfants Sauvages deodorant is made with 80% organic ingredients, 8 times more than the minimum 10% required by the organic charter. In particular, it contains essential oils, cucumber oil and tara gum. A campaign was launched on Ulule on April 19th, with the target of 100 pre-orders. Donations can be made starting from $22 (€20). So far, the company received more than 5,600 orders.



This picture show a natural cosmetic.

In recent years, organic and natural deodorants have made their big entry into the cosmetics market. Solid, in the form of a cream, DIY, they are gradually being introduced into our bathrooms. However, they are still struggling to gain their place: eco-friendly but not necessarily practical, practical but generating waste, or simply not always effective.

The ball deodorant Les Enfants Sauvages, currently in the crowdfunding campaign on Ulule, meets all these requirements: organic, efficient and zero waste.

Unlike natural deodorants, so-called “classic” deodorants contain many harmful substances: aluminium salts or other endocrine disruptors. In response to a demand from consumers who are increasingly concerned about their health and their impact on the environment, a number of natural cosmetic products have been developed that are healthier and more respectful of the planet.

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The origins of the project

Very sensitive to ecology as well as health issues, William, a former graphic designer, decided in early 2018 to embark on the adventure of natural deodorants. The following year, he is joined by his partner, Lucie, who is passionate about herbal medicine. For them, the natural deodorants available on the market do not meet the criteria of effectiveness, ecology and practicality that they would have liked to find.

Generally not effective enough, commercial natural deodorants are often sold in plastic packaging – which undoubtedly turns into waste once finished – or in biodegradable packaging for solid solutions. However, once the deodorant has been unpacked, it must still be able to be stored without damaging it. Then, whether it’s solid or creamy, spreading it under your arms is often part of the fighter’s journey, and you end up getting your fingers (or your T-shirt) full of it.

After two years of hard work, William and Lucie developed in their Aix-en-Provence workshop the deodorant that combines all these requirements. At the moment, Les Enfants Sauvages offer an organic and effective deodorant, but also zero waste and vegan, currently in a participatory fundraising campaign on Ulule. It comes in two fragrances: Yuzu (citrus scent) or Sandalwood (woody/peppery scent).

What is it really about?

100% natural, Les Enfants Sauvages deodorant is made with 80% organic ingredients, 8 times more than the minimum 10% required by the organic charter. In particular, it contains essential oils, cucumber oil and tara gum. Moreover, it is free of alcohol and harmful substances. The remaining 20% is baking soda, which, being of mineral origin, cannot be labelled organic.

On the practical side, they opted for a ball deodorant in a reusable glass bottle; a format adapted so as not to upset our habits, which makes it easy to apply, as well as to store and transport, and even offers the possibility of being recharged. Refilled? It’s very simple and it’s free: after five products, all you have to do is put the empty bottles in the original box, accompany them with a return voucher provided by the brand and put it in your letterbox and a delivery man will come and collect it. A virtuous circle, guaranteed zero waste!

In terms of effectiveness, for two years, William and Lucie had their deodorant tested by their community, especially sportsmen, until they arrived at an optimal version for everyone. Namely that it lasts 4 months, at a rate of one use per day. It is twice as long as a classic ball deodorant.

The Ulule campaign will end on June 5th, 2020, with delivery to be made within 3 months.


(Featured image by saponifier via Pixabay)

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