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The Volla Phone to be launched soon thanks to a crowdfunding campaign

The Volla Phone, made by Hallo Welt Systeme UG, has reached its goal during the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and collected $23,165 (€20,769), which is more than expected. The company’s goal is to create a smartphone through which the user decides with whom to share the information, without tracking or monitoring. The smartphone offers a simple user experience with the Volla OS.



This picture show a person using a smartphone.

The crowdfunding campaign launched in February by Hallo Welt Systeme UG from Remscheid for the innovative smartphone “Volla” achieved more than double the planned financing target. The success of the campaign confirms founder Dr. Jörg Wurzer and his team in their efforts to bring a safe and user-friendly mobile phone to the market. The project is supported by the German hardware manufacturer Gigaset and, more recently, by the UBports Foundation. When the device will enter the market at the end of 2020, it will also be available with pre-installed Ubuntu Touch.

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Highly successful crowdfunding for the Volla Phone

With the Volla Phone, the Hallo Welt Systeme UG and the founder Dr. Jörg Wurzer would like to bring an alternative to common smartphones now available on the market. The Vola phone should enable users to concentrate on the essential again, in contrast to common mobile phones. The Volla operating system, therefore, uses a minimalist, intelligent user interface and is based on a Google-free Android system.

For the implementation, Dr. Wurzer and his team had started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in February and have successfully completed it with a sum of $23,165 (€20,769). Within one day, the project reached the original financing threshold of $11,140 (€10,000). “The success enables us to achieve our goal of launching an alternative to Apple or Google Phones on the market before the end of this year,” said Jörg Wurzer.

Mobile Linux for the Volla Phone

Due to further funding, Hallo Welt Systeme was able to respond to a call from the community during the campaign: supporters will receive the Volla Phone with preinstalled Ubuntu Touch, a Linux-based mobile operating system, on request. “This brings us closer to our goal of delivering our product with an independent, alternative operating system. The Volla Phone is currently the only smartphone on the market that is available with a pre-installed Ubuntu Touch,” Dr. Jörg Wurzer said.

The hardware for the Volla Phone is being produced in Germany by manufacturer Gigaset, which was brought on board as a partner from the outset. The company agreed to more flexible delivery terms in the run-up to the crowdfunding campaign in order to make the novel mobile phone possible. With high-quality workmanship, dual camera, an almost borderless 6.3-inch screen, a powerful eight-core processor and wireless charging, the hardware belongs to the upper mid-range.

It is also planned to test the Volla Phone with a preliminary version of the operating system together with interested users during this year’s so-called Volla Community Days and to discuss the next plans and steps with the team. Developers can work on new ideas and topics in a kind of hackathon.

“We invite everyone who is interested to become part of the Volla community on Telegram and write their wishes, questions, and ideas. Together we can make the Volla Phone even safer and more user-friendly,” said Dr. Wurzer.

Pre-orders now possible via Indiegogo

Immediately after the end of the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, the team set up its own page on the online platform Indiegogo and now offers all those interested, who missed the campaign, the opportunity to pre-order a Volla Phone for a price starting from $400 (€359). Deliveries are scheduled to start in autumn this year.

What distinguishes the Volla user experience?

People, activities, and information come to the fore, while apps fade into the background. After unlocking the Volla phone, the “Springboard” appears – here the user can either call up the most important everyday functions with a single gesture (tap, move, release) or simply start writing something. The Volla Phone recognizes what the user wants to do and makes suggestions for completing the input or suitable functions: make a call, send a message or access a web page, for example.

At the same time, the Volla Phone automatically compiles the important people with whom a user has been in contact frequently and most recently for quick access.

The Volla Phone protects the user’s privacy through a pure Google-free Android operating system with carefully selected apps that respect and protect privacy, including a secure browser. A VPN of the partner, which does not log any net activities, additionally contributes to the anonymity.


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