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Remembrane, a biotech company, aims to raise $555,200 through crowdfunding

Remembrane develops custom lipid supplements that improve the performance of cell cultures. The company started the crowdfunding campaign on February 28th with the aim to collect $555,200. Remembrane will produce catalog products for five of the most popular and requested applications on the market. The technology of cell cultures allows cells to grow in artificially controlled environments.



This picture show a scientist doing some tests.

The biotech company Remembrane just launched a crowdfunding campaign with the objective to raise $555,200 (€500,000). An ambitious, but highly scalable crowdfunding campaign to develop an innovative SME able to decisively strengthen the biotech sector. Remembrane is an innovative SME based in the Torricelli incubator, in Faenza, managed by Romagna Tech.

The startup develops and produces Refeeds, supplements composed of lipids and cofactors that integrate the culture medium, in order to re-modulate the lipid composition of the membranes and consequently affect the performance of the cells. Refeed guarantees important benefits to bio-production, pharmaceutical and cosmetic testing.

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Through cellular lipid research, great potential in the biotech sector

Knowledge and creativity are in fact two excellent starting points to better face the challenges of the contemporary era. That is the starting point for the work of many companies involved in cutting-edge sectors such as biotech. In this field, most applications are based on cell culture technology, which consists of growing cells in an artificially controlled environment with special nutrients to obtain products for everyday use, such as wine and beer, bio-plastics and bio-fuels and, above all, drugs and vaccines.

After having extensively dedicated itself to the study of DNA and proteins, scientific research has recently expanded its field of interest to other fundamental elements of the cell, including the membrane and its lipid content. Lipids are fundamental molecules within the cell. Without lipids there would be no life on our planet: it is thanks to a lipid membrane that the first primordial cell was formed. The membrane network is greater than 50% in weight and volume of the entire cell, with more than 90% of the biological events of the cell taking place inside or near the membrane. Furthermore, the membrane network of the cell consists of 60% lipids, which influence most of its biophysical properties.

Remembrane is a SME founded by Paola Paoggi and Alexandros Chatgilialoglu

It is precisely on the membrane network and its lipid content that the research of Remembrane, an innovative SME based in Imola and a laboratory in the Torricelli incubator in Faenza, managed by Romagna Tech, has been focused for a decade. Founded in 2010 by two young researchers Paola Poggi and Alexandros Chatgilialoglu, Remembrane has developed Refeed, lipid supplements that can bring great developments to the biotech sector.

Pharmaceutical companies, research centers, and bio-molecule producers are the main users of cell cultures and are, therefore, constantly looking for innovative solutions that improve their performance and are able to respond to the problems.

Remembrane launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $555,200

Having perfected the product and tested its excellent performance, Remembrane is now ready for a new step forward, which will also be able to carry out thanks to the crowdfunding campaign on the BacktoWork24 platform, specialized in investments on startups and SMEs.

Officially opened on February 28th, the campaign aims to raise $555,200 (€500,000) to create a catalog offer able to satisfy all those customers who require ready-to-use Refeeds. Only a few days after the beginning of the campaign, the project has already raised $142,346 (€128,000) from 10 investors.

“To date – explained Paola Poggi – Remembrane has operated by personalizing Refeed, developed in close collaboration with the customer. Now, thanks to the know-how acquired in recent years, the company is ready to create a catalog offer to satisfy the growing number of customers who have asked for the product, ready to use in the pharmaceutical and industrial sectors. Refeed shows, in fact, consistent effectiveness in increasing the production yields of bio-molecules, the repeatability, and accuracy of in-vitro tests of drug candidates or cosmetic products, the quality of cells used in gene/cell therapies,” she concluded.


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