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Business Weekly Affiliate Digest: What’s Hot in Affiliate Marketing [CamSoda Affiliate Program]

What do Canadian winter sports, Apple fanboys, and adult cam sites all have in common? That’s right. They’re all about to make you a ton of money in the form of sweet affiliate commissions. So make sure you read on to find out how.


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Quick Disclosure: We’re about to tell you how the CamSoda affiliate program is absolutely top-notch. And we really mean it. Just know that if you click on a CamSoda affiliate program link, we may earn a small commission. Your choice.

If you’re ever feeling stuck for affiliate marketing ideas, here’s what you should do.

Take two random things that come into your head.

For example, let’s start with cameras.

And to complete the exercise, how about a soda?

Now you mash the two together.

And if you’re lucky, you’ll get a great affiliate program.

This time we got lucky. Let me tell you more. Affiliate Program of the Week — CamSoda Affiliate Program

The top affiliate program of the week is none other than the CamSoda affiliate program.

Here’s why we’re digging it.

CamSoda Affiliate Program

CamSoda Affiliate Program — No Soda, But Plenty of Cameras

For the unfamiliar, CamSoda is one of the bigger names when it comes to connecting “models” with “clients” via live camera feeds over the internet. (Yeah, I’m talking about camming.)

And as you might have guessed, CamSoda is the product you’ll be promoting in the CamSoda affiliate program.

Cool right?

But why should you care?

Well, for starters, because it’s one of the biggest, most well-known names in the industry. (And that industry, FYI, is valued at multiple billions of dollars each year.)

They’re also right at the forefront of adult camming technology. For example, how many camming providers have VR experiences? CamSoda does. (PS: This is important… see the upcoming affiliate news takeaway for details.)

Naturally, all this makes the CamSoda affiliate program kinda attractive. After all, it’s so much easier to sell a good quality product with a brand name over some no-name whitelable knockoff, right?


That’s pretty much what makes the CamSoda affiliate program one of the best in our eyes.

CamSoda Affiliate Program

CamSoda Affiliate Program — Still no Soda, But Plenty of Commissions

Now, you’re probably wondering how much you’re gonna earn with the CamSoda affiliate program. And to answer that, we’re gonna have to layout the CamSoda affiliate program commission rates.

So here they are:

  • Rev Share Plan: 20% of all purchases made by your referrals.
  • Pay Per Sign (PPS): Up to $100 per new member, depending on geo. Target US and Canada if you want the hundy.
  • Pay Per Lead (PPL): Up to $1.50 per lead. Again, this is geo-dependent, with the US and Canada paying out the best.
  • Broadcaster referrals: CamSoda affiliate program members can also recruit “models”. In return, you’ll get $70 once that model reaches a certain earnings threshold.
CamSoda Affiliate Program

CamSoda Affiliate Program — Get Started Here

That’s enough about the CamSoda affiliate program for now. If you want more deets, then hit up our full CamSoda affiliate program review over on

Or, to get started right away, head here to sign up with the CamSoda affiliate program.

CamSoda Affiliate Program

Affiliate News Takeaways

Sex, Codecs, and Apple Vision Pro

Late last year, in our Ole777 Affiliates review edition, we covered the launch of the Apple Vision Pro.

At the time, we noted that people are gonna want to “do stuff” with their headsets and that you could help them. And by do stuff, we meant watch pr0n and gamble.

At the time, our big takeaway was that you guys should just promote some “VR gaming” experiences, like Ole777’s immersive live dealer experience. What we didn’t cover was the whole pr0n angle. We just presumed the whole VR pr0n niche was already oversaturated.

But this week, I fell upon a couple of articles that got me thinking — maybe it’s time to revisit the whole Apple Vision Pro. But this time, from the pr0n angle.

Turns out, there’s something really promising here that no one’s really tapping into.

So, first things first, let’s start with the first article that got my “let’s make money” brain working. That was this one from Fast Company that talks about a significant slowdown in demand for Apple Vision Pro units since launch.

What got my attention here was twofold.

First, a post-launch slowdown is normal, so what’s the real news? I mean, are people queuing around the block for iPhones months after its launch?

I don’t think so.

But second, and more importantly, when I went and looked at the “source” for the Fast Company report, I found this: “U.S. shipments are expected to be 200,000–250,000 units this year, better than Apple’s original estimate of 150,000–200,000 units.”

Now, obviously, a user base of 200k-250k people in the first year isn’t enormous.

But here’s the thing to remember — an Apple Vision Pro costs $3,499 in its base configuration. And, if we’re being completely honest, it’s still just a toy.

That means the average Apple Vision Pro user is probably a very profitable target. I mean, if you’ve got $3.5k+ to drop on a mostly useless toy, then you’ve probably got plenty more to drop on other stuff.

So then, how do we get our stuff — and by stuff, I mean our affiliate links — in front of these high-value targets?

Well, that’s where the second article that caught my attention comes in.

That article is this one from over on 404 Media. It tells the story of a couple of amateur adult performers who’ve taken to filming themselves using the device.

As for what got my attention in that article, it was this:

“But the awkwardness of sex with a VR headset on turned out to be the least of their challenges. The lack of compatible porn on the Vision Pro was a big one, so they decided to distribute their content as MV-HEVC files sent in a zip folder, which work on Apple’s device, and side-by-side file formats, which work on headsets like the Oculus. To sell those, they set up their own website, where people could buy them through Stripe and Paypal.”

So basically, the claim here is that most VR pr0n doesn’t work on Vision Pros due to incompatible video codecs.

And, when I went searching to confirm it, turns out, it’s true. Even the nerds over on hacker news confirm that the Apple Vision Pro doesn’t support the standard codecs.

And this is where you have a shot at making some serious money.

Now, if you’ve ever spent much time trawling the forums over at Black Hat World or the likes, then you’re probably thinking what I’m thinking.

But, just in case you’re new to this whole thing, let me introduce you to something called the porn reupload method. The basic ploy goes a little like this:

  • Step 1: Rip pr0n from tube sites on the internet.
  • Step 2: Reupload your ripped content to the internet.
  • Step 3: Monetize your reuploaded content.

Naturally, there are a thousand and one variations on this, from where you put your content to how you monetize it. And, if we’re completely honest, most of the variations are pretty dead nowadays.

But here’s one that’s not dead. In fact, I just gave birth to it today.

It’s called the Apple Vision Pro variation.

Now, first, a little warning. This one’s gonna need some research on your part. That, and possibly some technical skills. But, if video codecs and that sort of stuff don’t frighten you off, then here’s the Apple Vision Pro pr0n reupload method.

  • Step 1: Rip VR pr0n from tube sites on the internet.
  • Step 2: Convert that pr0n into a Vision Pro compatible format. Presumably its MV-HEVC.
  • Step 3: Reupload your MV-HEVC encoded content to the internet.
  • Step 4: Monetize your reuploaded content.

Now, as for how you get your fresh new content in front of people, that’s up to you. Maybe you could do a little SEO and target Vision Pro related KWs. Or maybe you could hang out on Reddit and drop links in all the threads that crop up discussing how to get pr0n on Vision Pros.


Alright, let’s recap.

  • Apple Vision Pros cost a minimum of $3.5k. This means most users probably have at least some spare change.
  • The VIsion Pro is basically a VR headset. If we’re being completely honest, the main use case for VR headsets is pr0n.
  • However, there’s a lack of Vision Pro compatible pr0n on the internet.
  • You have a chance to fill in the content void for this niche.

Now, the one bit I haven’t talked about yet is how to monetize all this. And, much like the method itself, there are dozens of ways you could monetize this.

But, just in case you’re struggling to come up with good ideas, then might I suggest something like a VR livestream you promote through the CamSoda affiliate program?

If you play your cards right, you could make a tidy sum.

CamSoda Affiliate Program

Leveraging Canadian Weirdness to Make Bank

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that Canadians are weird.

And if their overly polite ways aren’t enough to convince you that they’re weird, then take a look at their national sport.

And yes, I do know that curling wasn’t invented in Canada. But, I also know that 90% of curling fans are in Canada.

So, what’s got me talking about Canadians?

That would be the news that a group of investors has banded together to buy out the “Grand Slam of Curling”.

What’s most interesting about this is who’s in this group of investors. And what’s also interesting is what they believe.

Those investors are  Nic Sulsky (ex PointsBet Canada) and Rumble Gaming founder Mike Cotton.

They’re both convinced that the sport’s got a massive potential outside of the Olympic viewership it enjoys every four years.

So much so, they’re about to throw a ton of money behind it to prove it. Think tons more content. Tons more events. And just tons more of everything.

Now, as for why they’re throwing all their money behind this weird sport, that’s revealed in a recent Nielsen report. Apparently, there are 284 million curling fans spread across the globe.

And they really are spread across the globe.

Remember how I said I know 90% of curling fans are in Canada? Wanna know how I know? That was courtesy of the Nigeria Curling Federation.

And yes, I am talking about that Nigeria — the one that’s not far from the equator and probably the last place you’d associate with a winter sport.

 But I guess weirder things have happened… even if it was just in the movies.


Since like, forever, I always assumed curling would forever be some niche Canadian pursuit that only reared its ugly head every Olympics.

But, apparently, it’s got a lot more potential than that, and a bunch of investors are about to throw their money behind testing this potential.

So, what does this mean for you?

Well, remember how we wrote about the boom in pickleball betting recently? And remember how we suggested now might be the time to test some campaigns around this craze?

Then how about taking the same advice here and testing out some curling-themed campaigns.

Now, admittedly, it’s probably going to take some time before the anticipated boom in curling takes off. But, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t get in early now to make sure you’re positioned to ride the wave once the Grand Slam of Curling becomes a major thing.

As for how to monetize, how about checking out any one of the many sportsbook affiliate programs we’ve got over on

And while you’re at it, why not try some cross promotion too? I hear things can get pretty lonely in Canada some time. Maybe some curling fans might like following a link you got after signing up for the CamSoda affiliate program.

CamSoda Affiliate Program

Closing Thought

This week, Scientific American dropped this article all about anger management.

The general gist was as follows:

  • A massive review of 154 different studies on anger management techniques happened.
  • The findings were that activities that “increase arousal” lead to higher anger levels, while activities that “decrease arousal” led to lower anger and aggression levels.

As for what those activities are:

  • Decreased arousal: Yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, mindfulness, etc.
  • Increased arousal: Running, “blowing steam off” (e.g., hitting stuff, a rage room, etc.), screaming/yelling into a pillow, insulting random people on the internet, etc.

And as for why I’m telling you about this study, the bit that caught my attention had nothing to do with the anger management stuff.

Instead, it was the increasing/decreasing around bits.

Basically, beyond anger management, it would seem we can use different activities to modulate our arousal levels.

Need to perk up?

Then do something to increase your arousal.

Need to slow down and focus?

Then do something to decrease your arousal.

See the point now? I’m sure we’ve all had moments where we’ve been too drowsy or hyperactive to get something done.

And now you know how to manage those moments.

Oh, and speaking of arousal, have you heard about our affiliate program of the week? It’s 100% guaranteed to increase your audience’s arousal whilst simultaneously giving you a giant bulge in your pants. (I’m talking about the size of your wallet, of course… what were you thinking?)

Anyway, that program’s the CamSoda affiliate program, and you should probably sign up now.

CamSoda Affiliate Program


(Featured image by SevenStorm JUHASZIMRUS via Pexels)

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