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Cannabis light company to sponsor Italian soccer league teams

The Italian cannabis light company Justmary enters the Serie A of soccer sponsoring teams like Sampdoria, Hellas Verona or Udinese. The advertising of Justmary’s online store will be seen on the billboards of the stadiums of the teams with which the company has reached a promotion agreement. With this agreement the company seeks to normalize the situation of the cannabis market throughout Italy.



Tuttosport reported on the sponsorship between the leading cannabis light company Justmary and Sampdoria. The company has also reached an agreement with other soccer teams such as Verona and Udinese.

Managing director Matteo Moretti said “Justmary’s real triumph was to be accepted as a sponsor. Despite being legal, cannabis is unfortunately seen by many people like a drug and suffers from many prejudices. On the other hand, people should know that we offer jobs and invest in the territory, we pay taxes and we generate wealth for the country.”

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Advertising in three Italian Serie A stadiums

Justmary, a leading Italian company in the legal cannabis trade, has announced that it will sponsor three Serie A teams in the 2020/21 season: Udinese, Sampdoria and Hellas Verona. 

“In a difficult moment for Italy and for Italian soccer – said Matteo Moretti, director of – we have decided to increase our investments in advertising, helping the sector that suffers most from budget cuts and investment losses.”

“This is the first time that our company has entered a sports project and we are happy to start with three historical soccer clubs like Udinese, Sampdoria and Hellas Verona” – said Moretti – the hope is that Justmary can be a protagonist in the best stadiums in Italy.

The operation was announced by the Italian company of online sale of cannabis light. The company offers cannabis delivery service in several Italian cities. Although, on the company’s website it says that it also reaches the whole country and Europe.

The advertising of Justmary’s online store will be seen on the billboards of the stadiums of the teams with which the company has reached a promotion agreement. With this agreement, the cannabis light company seeks to normalize the situation of the cannabis market throughout Italy.

The light cannabis delivery company obtained revenue of more than $1.18 million (€1 million) in the first semester of the year growing to an annual rate of 600%. The company is also working towards a listing on the Vienna Stock Exchange thanks to the support of Pairstech Capital Management LLP, one of the most important Italian companies in the bond market in Italy. In addition and thanks to Treedom, the company compensates the CO2 generated by all deliveries by planting trees.

The company distributes cannabis in several regions of Italy and Europe

The company distributes its cannabis light in the cities of Milan, Monza, Florence, Turin, Rome, and metropolitan areas and recently also in Catania. Justmary is a unique and special service. Every single day of the year from 5 pm to 11 pm it is possible to deliver cannabis with its exclusive service.

Moreover, the company said is its website that sends its legal cannabis throughout Italy and Europe thanks to international agreements. All this with a totally anonymous and free form that will satisfy its customers.

Cannabis light already sponsors historical teams of soccer of the Italian league. With this advertising initiative, the Italian company Justmary becomes the first of these characteristics that enters a gigantic Italian industry, the Serie A soccer. Possibly this advertising action will make other companies in the Italian cannabis light sector want to follow its path in soccer.


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