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Cannabis-open states see drop in binge drinking

A recent study revealed that a significant drop in binge drinking ratings were observed among states which permit the use of recreational cannabis.



Hemp, marijuana and the (cannabidiol) CBD industry has long been a hot topic in the medical world. Strains of the medical plant and products derived from them have been under countless medical studies to see the benefits they have. True enough, the sector has proven that it serves as a great medical supplement for people worldwide. Has the sector shown all that it has to offer already?

A recent observation has proven that cannabis strains and products may have effects with regard to drinking and alcoholism. A report by the Centers for Disease Control says that the number of people who drink in the United States has increased. CDC states that 1 out of 6, or 37 million adults, binge drink at least once every week. All in all, they consume an average of seven drinks per binge session.

However, states, where marijuana is legal, have seen a drop in the number of binge drinkers, says a research by Wall Street investment firm, Cowen & Company via Forbes. States like Colorado and Washington, which are some of the first regions to legalize recreational marijuana, saw their binge drinking sessions per month at -9 percent below the national average since their legalization in 2016. Additionally, states, where adults aged 21 and up can easily purchase an array of products in dispensaries, have 13 percent less binge drinking than in areas with a tight grip on marijuana use.

In comparison, states that do not allow recreational use of marijuana got an increase in binge drinking. The research says that these states averaged 7.4 drinks per binge, which is 12 percent higher than the 6.6 drinks in states that allow the use of cannabis.

The takeaway from this is that with marijuana being legal in their area, people devote a portion of their budget to purchasing the plant as a healthier vice. Whereas in areas with prohibitions, people allot their budget solely to purchasing of alcohol. Cowen and Company calls alcohol and recreational marijuana as “social lubricants” as they allow people to ease into conversation and interaction with others. It is primarily one of the reasons why people consume these items as well.

Regardless of the results though, Cowen and Company believes that it will be impossible for marijuana to completely overtake the alcohol industry even if it becomes legal in all states. However, their recent discoveries could change the minds of legislators in the remaining 21 states that have yet to legalize any form of marijuana.

It was also found that CBD is a preventive measure for relapse among fully recovered drug addicts and alcoholics.
It was also found that CBD is a preventive measure for relapse among fully recovered drug addicts and alcoholics. (Source)

It’s not just recreational marijuana doing a great job at keeping drinking at bay though. According to the study published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology, CBD could be effective in helping drug addicts and alcoholics from relapsing after making a full recovery. The study’s test subjects craved for less cocaine and alcohol when they were given CBD. It’s not a temporary effect though as the test subjects continue to have the same behavior months after being given CBD.

Given its potential benefits into helping people get out of their drinking habits, the demand for CBD could once again see a huge push. The good thing is that there are already a few companies who are well positioned into answering that demand.

Going cold turkey with POTN

PotNetwork Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN) and its subsidiary Diamond CBD have already established themselves as some of the leaders when it comes to the development, research and distribution of CBD-infused products. Diamond CBD has one of the largest selection of products in the CBD industry, and people looking to ease out of their drinking habits can find a product that is just right for them.

If they are new to CBD use, they can start with Diamond CBD’s edibles such as Chill Gummies and Watermelon Slices. The company also has an extensive selection of flavored CBD oils, which are perfect for those who want to add a drop of the compound into their favorite recipes.

As a company, POTN continues to showcase tremendous growth, so CBD enthusiasts can expect the company to become their go-to when it comes to products derived from the compound. The company has even expanded into the growing crypto industry with a new subsidiary called Blockchain Crypto Corporation. As part of their first ventures into the crypto industry, the new subsidiary has purchased a state-of-the-art mining facility equipped with 115 dedicated mining facilities.

The marijuana and CBD industry has shown yet another ace up their sleeve. The new findings regarding the effect of cannabis on alcoholism could be another push the sector needs to become fully legal in all 50 states.

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