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City Campus, a University Campus in Venice, Launched a Campaign on Ecomill

The City Campus Project is currently fundraising with an equity crowdfunding campaign on Ecomill. The minimum fundraising goal is €250,000 and it is possible to invest from as little as €100. In addition, for those who invest up to €99,900, there is a remuneration of 4% per year and an “exit,” i.e., Right of Withdrawal from the investment from the 7th year onward.



City Campus

According to research by Scenari Immobiliari, there is a shortage of at least 130,000 beds for off-campus students. The number of these students has been growing steadily since 2015: the percentage weight of the off-campus component in the entire pool of enrolled students has always grown over the past decade, standing at 39.9 percent.

Against this, the research also shows how investors’ interest in the university residence market is growing strongly, with investments of €200 million by 2022 in Italy and €12.4 billion in Europe.

These needs are being met by the new City Campus project, promoted by Urbana, a social cooperative that works to promote people.

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The equity crowdfunding campaign of City Campus

With the project, the cooperative aims to create a widespread university campus in Vicenza, Italy, aimed at promoting hospitality, food, culture, and energy transition through an innovative pathway that will redevelop two existing properties.

The Project is currently fundraising with an equity crowdfunding campaign on Ecomill, the first Italian crowdinvesting platform to facilitate the matching of supply and demand of capital in the energy transition and sustainability sectors.

The minimum fundraising goal is €250,000 and it is possible to invest from as little as €100. In addition, for those who invest up to €99,900, there is a remuneration of 4% per year and an “exit,” i.e., Right of Withdrawal from the investment from the 7th year onward.

The City Campus project

The focus of the proposal lies in the urban regeneration of two areas, from east to west, between Viale Margherita and Via Carducci, enhancing the natural axis of the city that follows the bed of the two rivers that flow through and through Vicenza.

The promoted urban regeneration involves the redevelopment of two properties and the development of activities that are constituted in a fair living proposal that, contrary to student dormitories, aims at integration and generativity between an increasingly welcoming and attractive city and the University.

The common areas are designed to be open and public parks, lungs available to the city: the campus as a courtyard with residences and a food store, overlooking a patio garden.

City Campus responds to a growing demand for residence and services in “Vicenza university town” starting with the proposal of residences for students, professors and employed staff, but also for those seeking temporary housing for various reasons: tourists or people and families who need to be close to strategic services such as schools and other training sites, the hospital and sports centers.

With out-of-province university students at 57 percent (a.y. 2021/2022), the coverage of residential needs was 9.92 percent. With the City Campus offering, the coverage would rise to 23.52%.

Ecomill’s partnership with Coopfond

The City Campus project stems from Ecomill’s partnership with Coopfond, the mutual fund for the promotion and development of Legacoop member cooperatives.

In light of the partnership, Ecomill is now in a position to evaluate projects proposed by Legacoop member cooperatives that want to launch a match-funding drive to raise subscribers for equity shares on the Ecomill platform.

“We are confident that the result will be great,” said Tommaso Carrieri and Massimiliano Quaresimin of Urbana, “first of all because it is the first experience of this kind in Italy: that it works well is also important to replicate and to build a real and credible action of change, of civilization first of all, starting precisely from financial actions. This crowdinvesting campaign is structured for the implementation of the first phase of the project, Campus Margherita, with also the goal of activating and involving the city and all local stakeholders in this innovation and resilience initiative through participation in financing.”

“We are extremely proud of the launch of the collection campaign on City Campus,” said Chiara Candelise, CEO and founder of Ecomill, “a very innovative and participatory project, as well as the first ever equity crowdfunding campaign in Italy on a cooperative company. Capitalization through equity crowdfunding of cooperative companies was provided for by Consob Regulation 18592/2013 but has not been implemented so far. For us, the City Campus campaign is just the first fruit of a long process of innovation on corporate and legal aspects and of our internal processes.”

Candelise then specifies that Ecomill is already working on new campaigns and in particular on equity crowdfunding for energy communities in cooperative form, including through its partnership with Legacoop, Coopfond, and Banca Etica on the Respira project.


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