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Doorway and OurCrowd Team Up to Facilitate Investments in International Hi-Tech Startups

OurCrowd, a global online venture investing platform, was recently named the most active venture capital investor in Israel by Pitchbook. Since its inception in 2013, it has raised over $1.8 billion, invested in a portfolio consisting of over 280 companies and 30 funds. OurCrowd has now closed an agreement with Doorway to facilitate investments in hi-tech startups.



Doorway, the Italian club deal platform authorized by Consob for online equity investing, has entered into a strategic partnership with OurCrowd, the world’s leading online venture investing platform focused on highly innovative tech startups and scaleups. The exclusive agreement will provide Doorway’s investor community with unique access to high-potential investments selected by OurCrowd in the Israeli and international markets.

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The partnership will also bring considerable benefits to Doorway’s core B2B2C market segment

Private bankers, financial advisors, family offices, and, in general, wealth managers, will be able to offer their clients a constantly evolving portfolio of high-profile deals, in advanced or follow-up rounds, with faster exit prospects and often already invested by international venture capital funds. The investment model for partnership deals will follow the usual pattern adopted by Doorway. For each operation, an Italian vehicle company (spv) will be set up to consolidate the investments and negotiate the contractual terms. The vehicle will qualify as a professional investor, thus ensuring access to OurCrowd deals that would otherwise not be accessible to non-professional investors.

Jonathan Medved, CEO, and founder of OurCrowd, commented on the agreement with Doorway: “Doorway’s leadership in Italy, combined with OurCrowd’s access to an exclusive global deal-flow, will provide unprecedented opportunities for Italian investors. Venture capital investments in Israeli startups are top notch. It is the largest ecosystem, by number of companies, outside of Silicon Valley and the largest globally on a per-capita basis, so much so that investment in Israeli companies continues to double each year and will exceed $20 billion by 2021. As Israel’s most active venture capital investor, we see a continuous flow of capital into many strategic sectors, such as cybersecurity, AI, foodtech, mobility, and enterprise software.”

Antonella Grassigli, co-founder and CEO of Doorway, added: “Partnering with OurCrowd, the world’s leading venture capital investment platform, will provide our investor community with privileged access to international hi-tech deals, co-invested by the world’s leading venture capital funds. We believe that creating a highly diversified portfolio, through the combined screening and validation expertise of Doorway and OurCrowd, can bring a real advantage in terms of economic value creation for our investors.”

OurCrowd, a global online venture investing platform, was recently named the most active venture capital investor in Israel by Pitchbook

Since its inception in 2013, it has raised over $1.8 billion, invested in a portfolio consisting of over 280 companies and 30 funds. The portfolio has benefited from 50 exits in 8 years through m&a or listings, including acquisitions by major multinationals such as Microsoft, Oracle, Intel, Samsung, Canon, Uber, Snap, and others. OurCrowd has 11 offices, covering as many cities on 5 continents. It has raised capital in 65 countries from a community of over 160,000 members. The companies it has invested in are located in Israel, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia.

This month, the Swiss fintech Sonect closed its equity crowdfunding campaign conducted on the Italian portal Doorway with a collection of over $1.47 million (€1.3 million)

With this result, it confirmed its 100% success rate in closing campaigns, the vast majority of which were overfunded, and exceeded $13.6 million (€12 million) in capital raised. With the crowd of Doorway, designated by the Polytechnic of Turin as the first online “angels platform” in Italy, have co-founded Club degli Investitori, Italian Angels for Growth, Angels for Women (A4W, that Grassigli co-founded), Boost Heroes, Gellify, and other important industrial investors, with rounds over one million euros.

Also in November, Doorway announced that it had adhered to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), established by the UN (United Nations), and had joined the Forum for Sustainable Finance (FFS), a non-profit association that since 2001 has brought together financial operators and other organizations interested in the environmental and social impact of investments.


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