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e-concept Follows Up on its Equity Crowdfunding Round, and Announces Two Partnerships

The goal of Aqua Superpower’s partnership with e-concept is to spread 22-kilowatt alternating charging points designed for the marine environment, purpose-built to protect and preserve the nature and the unique peculiarities of Venice. The partnership was born at last year’s Salone as a result of strong appreciation for a charging product integrated into such a typical element of Venice as the palina.



e-concept, a Venetian startup specializing in electric recharging for boating, announced during a conference at the Venice Boat Show, where it is a recharging partner, the entry of Repower, a Swiss-based multinational utility, into its capital, as well as the activation of new strategic partnerships that also includes one with Aqua Superpower, a British company that is building an international network of superchargers for boating.

e-concept, founded in 2019 and the protagonist of a successful equity crowdfunding campaign in 2020 on the Ecomill platform, is focused on system electrification in the nautical field. Its product e-dock is the infrastructure needed to set up charging stations, both public and private, for electric boats. It is a solution that integrates electric charging technology into the bollard, the characteristic element of Venetian nautical mooring, allowing it to obviate its own problems of visual impact in the delicate context of the lagoon city.

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Repower’s entry

Repower has entered the share capital of e-concept with the strategic objective of sharing, in addition to methodology and values, the development of a new product intended for charging.

Luca Poggiali, Head of Tecnnical Hub Repower Italy, specified, “Repower is an electric company with more than 100 years of history, present in Italy for about 20 years. The partnership with e-concept is strategic and focuses on two points: on the one hand innovation, where the palina represents the possibility to see everyday objects in a different and innovative way. The palina, a typical and characteristic object of Venice, merges with the charging tool proper to the automotive world. On the other hand, integration: e-dock is an example of integration. Sustainability itself is the integration of technological development and the environment.”

The strategic partnership with Aqua Superpower

The goal of Aqua Superpower’s partnership with e-concept is to spread 22-kilowatt alternating charging points designed for the marine environment, purpose-built to protect and preserve the nature and the unique peculiarities of Venice. The partnership was born at last year’s Salone as a result of strong appreciation for a charging product integrated into such a typical element of Venice as the palina.

Michele Bolpagni, Aqua Superpower, adds, “Aqua is a British reality that has also taken base in Italy. Its goal is to reduce the impact of boating in the marine environment through a global network of fast charging stations. Aqua began its operation through several refueling stations on the French Riviera and at Certosa Island. Venice’s environments have different characteristics than many other marine locations, considering limited space and energy availability. The service provided in conjunction with e-concept is scalable, meaning it can be adapted and modulated to serve both watercraft and larger vessels. The charging service is also done through a downloadable app for everyone, which helps find the nearest charging point and how to get there.”

The collaboration with utility Veritas

e-concept is also continuing its collaboration with VERITAS, the leading Venetian utility, one of the first to protect the environment and to want to push toward electric boating by performing a key service for the city. VERITAS is gradually converting the fleet with electric boats, we have an agreement to infrastructure 10 new public landings to supply VERITAS workboats and pleasure boats in the available time slots.

Andrea Razzini, VERITAS Director, said, “in addition to having progressively retrofitted the fleet with STAGE5 engines (the equivalent of Euro 6 for cars) the company has been able to invest in some first hybrid or full electric boats. One of the best known is the one that performs the ecomobile service around the City. For this, we have also thought about using research infrastructure-such as the e-dock poles invented by e-concept-so as to increase safety for navigation and noise reduction when carrying out waste loading activities thanks to the electric use of cranes.”

Other innovations in 2022

In addition to the strategic partnerships, Claudio Iannelli, CEO of e-concept, also emphasized the important milestones achieved with the winning of the Cinque Terre tender and the infrastructure of the WWF Miramare Oasis together with Michele Solari’s Barche Elettriche, as well as the installation of the first charging infrastructure in Venice at The St. Regis Venice. Finally, he announced the launch of e-contest, an image contest to think Venice in the future, created with the collaboration of Repower and The St. Regis Venice, one can participate by sending an image until October 10, 2022.

Finally, the collaboration with the City of Venice continues to ensure that the installation of the bollards takes place more quickly, simplifying the current bureaucratic process, which is long and tortuous. Councillor Simone Venturini, said, “We should not only talk about naval art, but also about the new frontiers of boating to link sustainable development with research and technological advancement. Businesses and individuals, they are the real proponents of the ecological transition. What works in Venice can work anywhere, precisely because of the complex peculiarities of the city in which we live. e-concept is among the protagonists of the ecological transition in the nautical field: the commitment and attention of the city administration is therefore confirmed, not only to the boat show, but in general to the entire marine sector in the northeast.”


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