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Entrepreneurs’ campaign to fight COVID-19 in Colombia reaches $3.36 million

The initiative #UneSolFuerza in Valle del Cauca, Colombia, has joined more than 70 companies and 400 individuals. The donation campaign has so far collected $3.36 million (13 billion pesos), which are being invested in food packages and medical supplies. Gases de Occidente joined the initiative with a donation of $1.03 million. 573,000 units of medical protection supplies have been delivered.



This picture show the Colombian flag.

The donation campaign called #UneSolFuerza to meet food and health needs in the face of the new coronavirus pandemic in Valle del Cauca, Colombia, called by businessmen and citizens of the department had great success. It has already delivered more than 9,000 food packages – 2,000 of them in Buenaventura – and more than 573,000 units of medical protection supplies.

The description of the campaign calls for unity in times of crisis: “If we are articulated and united, we can face this health emergency. We continue to add strength!”

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Over 70 Colombian companies joined the initiative

The initiative, led by Propacífico, and which has been joined by more than 70 companies and 400 individuals from Valle del Cauca, has so far collected $3.36 million (13 billion pesos), which are being invested in food packages and medical supplies for vulnerable families and public hospitals in Valle del Cauca and northern Cauca.

In terms of food, more than 9,000 packages have been delivered in the municipalities of Cali, Palmira, Yumbo, Jamundí, Buenaventura, Florida, Pradera, Buga, Riofrío and the northern part of the Cauca.

Likewise, Gases de Occidente joined the initiative with an impressive donation of $1.03 million (4 billion pesos). The money will be focused on strengthening medical teams, purchasing hospital supplies and food packages for needy families in Cali, Buenaventura, Palmira and other municipalities in its area of influence.

The donations for this campaign, which articulates the efforts of Propacífico, the Valle del Cauca Government, the Cali Mayor’s Office, Andi Valle, Cali Valle Bureau, Ciev, the Regional Competitiveness Commission, the Cali Chamber of Commerce, Invest Pacific, Reddi and the Valle del Cauca Action Unit -UAV, will be open until April 30th. The goal is to deliver 1,500 food packages per day.

“With the resources we have today we can reach 36,000 more food packages. We have to continue working to protect those who have lost their income due to confinement,” said María Isabel Ulloa, executive director of Propacífico.

The health sector is also being helped through this initiative

For health, about 573,000 units of medical protection supplies have been delivered to 31 institutions that make up the public hospital network in the department in Cali, Tuluá, Buga, Buenaventura, Yumbo, Palmira, Jamundí, Florida, Pradera, Zarzal and Dagua. Medical supplies will be delivered to all 42 municipalities in the department.

To date, the following have been distributed: 66,250 simple masks, 456,000 gloves, 1,010 patient gowns, and 2,003 surgical gowns, 2,374 N95 masks, 12,200 gaiters, 32,500 caps, 753 goggles, 191 masks and 359 liters of glycerine alcohol.

“We are aware of the role that businessmen in the region play in this complex moment we are facing. For this reason, we are grateful to all those who have donated in solidarity. We continue to call on companies and individuals to join this initiative, which aims to extend aid to all 42 municipalities in the department and the largest number of families in Valle del Cauca,” said Lina Sinisterra, manager of Andi Valle.

All the resources are allocated to the markets and medical logistics for the vulnerable population of the department.


(Featured image by Flavia Carpio via Unsplash)

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