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EVA Energie Valsabbia will sell superbonus and ecobonus credits to Intesa SanPaolo and Banco di Milano

The EVA Group closed the 2019 consolidated financial statements with a value of production of $35.87 million (€30.1 million), net revenues of $22.75 million (€19.1 million), Ebitda of $5.48 million (€4.6 million) and net financial debt of $48.7 million (€40.9 million). The company has recently entered into an agreement with Intesa Sanpaolo to sell superbonus and ecobonus credits.



Gruppo EVA Energie Valsabbia has recently signed an agreement with Intesa SanPaolo for $35.7 million (€30 million) for the non-recourse assignment by the company of Superbonus and Ecobonus tax credits introduced by the Decreto Rilancio, related to the structural reinforcement and energy efficiency of buildings.

The operation of Gruppo EVA Energie Valsabbia also includes an additional credit line of $4.76 million (€4 million) from Intesa San Paolo to support the liquidity needs of the company.

The agreement with Intesa Sanpaolo comes after the signing of a similar agreement with Banco Bpm at the end of January, again for $35.7 million (€30 million) for the non-recourse assignment of Superbonus 110% and Ecobonus tax credits.

The agreements with the two banks allow EVA Energie Valsabbia Group to optimize financial resources, improve cash flow and take advantage of the opportunities offered by tax incentives such as the Superbonus 110%.

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EVA nergie Valsabbia owns 7 hydroelectric power plants and 30 photovoltaic plants 

EVA Energie Valsabbia Group, based in Gavardo (Brescia), founded by CEO Pietro Bonomini and chaired by Chicco Testa, was founded in 2001 with the aim of investing in the production of electricity from renewable sources. The EVA Group builds hydroelectric and photovoltaic power plants and sells its clean energy to families, businesses and municipalities, helping to reduce the environmental and economic impact of its customers in a constant and efficient way. The EVA Group is also active in the rehabilitation of public lighting in municipalities and in the energy efficiency of its customers.

To date, the EVA Group has a total staff of over 200 engineers working between Italy and California and owns 7 hydroelectric power plants and 30 photovoltaic plants for a total installed capacity of 43 MWp.

EVA has been active in California since July 2017, when it acquired for $5.36 million (€4.5 million) the control of the capital of the Californian company Alternative Energy Systems Consulting Inc.(AESC), based in San Diego and dedicated to innovative energy services (distributed production, energy efficiency, renewable energy, electric mobility, smart grid etc) towards individuals and the main Californian utilities and public authorities. The operation was carried out through a newco that was capitalized for 49% by Simest with $2.38 million (€2 million) and with a loan of another 2 million provided by Intesa Sanpaolo and guaranteed by SACE.

Instead, in 2020 the EVA Group acquired control of Agilex srl and Primaton spa, companies active in information technology and fintech, sectors in which the EVA Group intends to grow its projects and activities also in the ESG area.

The EVA Group closed the 2019 consolidated financial statements with a value of production of $35.87 million (€30.1 million), net revenues of $22.75 million (€19.1 million), Ebitda of $5.48 million (€4.6 million) and net financial debt of $48.7 million (€40.9 million), which includes the $31 million (€26 million) bond listed on the Vienna Third Market in May 2019 and issued by subsidiary EVA Renewable Assets spa (EVA spa) in July 2018, which pays a 5.9% coupon and matures on December 31st, 2029 


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