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Experience of Covid-19 Rapid Tests Opening the Door to a Medicine of the Future?

The response to Covid-19 by governments and the medical community demonstrated the possibilities of rapid testing and vaccine development. Now one company, Alercell, is looking to apply the same mindset to other diseases. One of its recent developments is a rapid Leukemia test that can check up to 55 fusion genes, allowing for early diagnostic classification and disease prognosis classification.



With the world still dealing with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has not been easy for many industries to go about their daily operations the way they used to – especially the medical industry.

The moment the coronavirus crisis hit the world, the medical sector was the first to face its worst. Not only did it have to cater to the needs of a growing number of patients from around the world, but it also had no idea about how to come up with a cure against the virus effectively. The pressure was on, and it took some time, but the government started coming up with ways to fund medical organizations to figure out the ideal course of action to deal with the situation.

Pandemic Solutions

Over time, the world was finally able to come up with the ideal vaccinations to overcome the virus’s effects. Moderna and Pfizer are the two mRNA vaccines authorized by the United States Food and Drug Administration. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention has also recommended them as being both very safe, and highly effective at preventing severe or fatal cases of Covid-19.

According to John Hopkins Medicines, from December 2020, more than 470 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines have been delivered to the United States. Plus, with twelve months of data, including the several thousands of participants who have undergone clinical trials, there is strong evidence that the vaccines are effective and safe when it comes to preventing death or disease due to the effects of the coronavirus. Plus, additional boosts and shots have also been authorized for those meeting the vaccine guidelines.

Alercell Inc. – The Future of Healthcare

After going through the crisis caused by Covid-19, many medical organizations have decided to work on ways to improve our medical practices so that we may be ready in case we come across another unknown disease that could plague the world. As such, some of these leading organizations include Alercell, a highly acclaimed biotechnology company that is focused on delivering the best medical practices to the world.

Led by Frederic Scheer, the company was created in 2020 and has since proven its ability to confront the challenges created by Covid-19. The esteemed group of medical professionals within the company has spent many years studying the complex information behind stem cell research, driven by their goal to produce the ideal medicine for the Covid-19 pandemic. They also have the proper resources to manufacture and distribute it on a large scale.

Through their innovative testing and enhanced technology, they have produced significant results over the years. They are distributing the Luminostics clip Covid rapid antigen test, and other performant antigen test collection kits. The company has also been busy trying to distribute many Antigen and PCR products to those in desperate need of treatment against the virus.

In addition, Alercell realized that self-testing and rapid tests make a lot of sense. Thus Alercell has explored other applications where rapid tests should be encouraged.

Alercell is very active in preventative medicine, especially in cancer treatment and prevention tests. The CEO and the CMO of the company Dr. Alexandre Scheer MD, are pursuing new medication and new testing methods using genetic research. Scheer believes that through genetic research, we have the key to enhancing early diagnostic and eventually detecting grave illnesses prior to them entering the body.

Alercell is announcing the launch of a new Leukemia RUO test in the United States. This test targets Leukemia and can check up to 55 fusion genes, allowing for diagnostic classification and disease prognosis classification, while also assisting in the formulation of precise treatment plans. According to Scheer, it is “The most comprehensive quantitative detection reagents, providing precise detection solutions for treatment.” The company is also exploring a very performant Lung Cancer test based on a genetic approach for its French subsidiary.

In using such methods, the health system could end up saving a significant amount of money, and patients could be well treated long in advance to the painful chemotherapy treatments. Scheer is very sensitive to this topic as he himself is fighting a grave cancer and going through the motion of all these difficult treatments. “I want to give people the opportunity to know long in advance to avoid what I am going through,” said Frederic Scheer, Alercell’s CEO.

As the co-founder of Alercell Inc., Frederic Scheer served as a former investment banker with a proven track record for various successful businesses. His thoughts on the products developed by the company state, “I am very excited that through the use of our knowledge of the genome, we are now able to introduce very performing tests that will help people in eventually avoiding the painful traditional treatment.”

To benefit its patients, the company focuses on working with highly reputable pharmaceutical companies and various other healthcare institutions to ensure that the fastest diagnostic tests and cost-effective medicines are always available whenever the public needs them.


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