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Questionable high rewards, low-risk investment plans are popping up

Generating money via interest rates is one compelling reason why making an investment makes a financially sound judgment.



There’s nothing worse than losing a year’s worth of savings to a poor investment choice. Although investing in stocks, startups and other ventures can be lucrative and could pay off greatly in the end, the risk beneath them should not be underestimated. For rookie investors, it is best to become very observant before placing any money on an investment platform.

It is easy to get blinded by “amazing” investment opportunities that financial sharks advertise. Regardless of how good a deal sounds, people should understand that all the sales talk could be hiding them from the underlying risks that sharks try to cover up. This Is Money reports of a few “high rewards, low risk” opportunities that are pitched by sharks shortly after an individual begins his search for his next investment.

In one pitch, investors are offered annual returns of up to 14 percent from a website called Safe Secure Investments. In comparison, the report says that the best five-year cash savings bond offers up to 2.5 percent returns at maximum. If the double-digit returns aren’t enticing enough, Safe Secure Investments also provides more interesting deals for an investor to look into.

The website has a few investment options to suit all kinds of people and the minimum stump needed is only £5,000. Safe Secure Investments also notes that they have top-of-the-line financial security. All of this is partnered with great visuals, which are geared toward convincing the person that their investment plan is viable.

Sheila Willshere, director of Direct Property 2015 Limited, the group behind Safe Secure Investments, said in an interview that they are not hiding any risks that come with their platform. She insists that potential clients still have a choice on whether or not they should proceed with the investment. When it comes to the security that they provide, she claims that their investment plans are indeed protected in various ways.

There's no easy money; only lucrative investments.

There’s no easy money; only lucrative investments. (Source)

Financial expert of Hargreaves Lansdown says that double-digit returns with low risks are impossible. These deals that are too good to be true could cost a person a huge chunk of his savings. There is no such thing as easy money, but there are a few lucrative investments to make this year, according to Forbes.

Where to invest in 2018

According to the report, the stock market is still a good investment option this 2018. Although cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity worldwide, the volatile prices present huge risks for people who are looking to invest in big coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum at this point in the growth of the crypto boom.

The stock market itself is still rather unpredictable, but people could ease into it through dollar cost averaging. This principle allows an individual to trickle his investments on stocks in a set amount of time for up to five years. When it comes to exactly where the money is good in stocks, ETFs are going to be this year’s winner.

The key to a solid investment plan is to be careful and to be patient. High rewards, low risks platforms are very questionable, and it’s best to get the help of professional brokers instead. As always, there are other viable options including cryptos, real estate investing, and crowdfunding, and these platforms are worth looking into as well.

Olivia McCall is passionate about education, women and children’s rights, and the environment. A long-time investor, she covers news about the latest stocks (lately marijuana and tech), IPOs and indices, and is always on the lookout for socially responsible startups. She also writes about the food sector, and has a keen interest on cryptocurrencies.