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How transparency can help CBD companies beat the competition

Veritas Farms Inc (OTC:VFRM) and Serious Seeds, two companies from two different continents, have the same policy when it comes to their CBD-products. Both companies focus on offering high-quality products and transparency. This has helped both organizations achieve success and set themselves apart in what has become an increasingly competitive sector.



This picture show a person working on the cannabis industry.

Serious Seeds is a Dutch-based company with a long tradition of producing and distributing high quality and potent cannabis seeds. This is actually the core business of Serious Seeds. Now the company is looking to move into CBD. Veritas Farms (OTC: VFRM) is a company from the United States and was one of the industry’s first movers. What do Serous Seeds and Veritas Farms have in common? A commitment to transparency. 

Unboxing of CBD oil, notes and application information

If you visit the Serious Seeds website you will quickly note that the company offers a selection of THC laden cannabis, for a long time this was the focus of Serious Seeds. Now things are beginning to change. A search for CBD will reveal 3 products: Two of them are seeds for CBD rich cannabis varieties and the final is the Serious Seeds CBD-Oil containing 10% cannabidiol. The packaging contains all the information you need to know with certificate of qualities, including the all-important information that THC content of the oil is less than 0.2%.

In addition, it is free of pesticides and heavy metals. Serious Seeds also expressly points out that CBD oil is not a medical product, but a food supplement. If you read through all the information on the packaging, you should definitely be able to handle CBD oil responsibly.

There is a dosage recommendation on the box. Three times a day between 3-5 drops are recommended for normal use. The manufacturer recommends not to exceed this dose. The drops are dropped under the tongue, kept under the tongue for one minute and then swallowed. Serious Seeds uses hemp seed oil as a carrier oil. It complements the CBD extract perfectly and is also rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The oil is naturally vegan and gluten-free.

This might sound like Serious Seeds is going to a lot of unnecessary trouble but this hyper-transparent approach works and in fact is the same followed by our American example Veritas Farms

Veritas Farms – an all American giant in the making

Over the Ocean, on the North-American cannabis market, another company focuses on offering high-quality CBD products to its consumers. Veritas Farms Inc (OTC:VFRM) is a producer and distributor of full spectrum CBD-based products, all coming from its own 140 acre hemp farm and manufacturing facility based in Pueblo, Colorado. In stark contrast to Serious Seeds Veritas Farms has CBD at its very core. 

By building its brand around transparency, Veritas has aptly demonstrated the extraordinary potential of the CBD market. Since 2015, the company experienced impressive growth. In Q2, 2019 Veritas generated more than $2.9 million in total revenue. That is a 500% increase since Q2 2018. Veritas’ gross profits reached $1,523,413 and thanks to great results, the company managed to reduce the liabilities by over $1.3 million.

Moreover, Veritas just announced its quarterly results and they are looking very good. In Q3 2019, the company experienced impressive revenue growth, to $1,215,810 compared to $459,329 in Q3 2018, a 165% rise.  Also, the company’s gross profits increased by 468% compared to the same period of 2018.

These results allowed Veritas Farms to quickly expand and now its products are sold in more than 5.000 stores across the US, including the last groundbreaking agreements with Winn-Dixie and BI-LO supermarkets to supply CBD to 152 South Eastern stores. Besides, last week, the company announced another astounding partnership with Bi-Mart network.

In addition, the company has just announced a new billboard campaign in the world famous New York Times Square. The campaign is set to generate more than 800,000 impressions a week and will be live during the New Year’s Eve celebrations in the city, providing massive exposure for one of America’s most exciting CBD companies. 

The CBD sector is set to take off, and companies focused on offering high-quality CBD products, like Veritas Farms and Serious Seeds, will become the dominant players in the field. The transparent approach to their products has helped build trust in an industry that is often too opaque.

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