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Is your brand social media savvy? Here’s how to get your social media act down pat

A strong social media presence can help increase a company’s credibility and build stronger relationships among individuals in a community.



Whether you like it or not, what you post on your social media accounts is a reflection of your personality.

It’s easy for people to conclude something about you just because of that duck face photo or those indignant outbursts. If such inconsequential posts can create ripples in your own social media sphere, then how many more waves can celebrities and brands that have thousands of followers create?

Social media is important for any business or individual seeking to establish an online presence. A strong social media presence can help increase a company’s credibility and build stronger relationships among individuals in a community. It is only through strengthening your online alter ego that you might be able to influence your followers and be hailed an expert in your niche.

But credibility does not happen overnight; you have to put some time and effort into building your social media presence. Here are some techniques to nail your social media mojo:

1. Have a unified voice. Huffington Post says that your brand’s genuine voice will help you get everything else right, including your content, your target audience, and the kind of social media platforms that will work best with your brand. For instance, if you are a chef of your newly-opened restaurant, opening Pinterest and Instagram accounts will help you promote your sumptuous dishes. Celebrities who already have a huge fan following can benefit from the likes of MobioINsider, since the platform fosters connection between fans and their favorite celebrities through a question and answer type of conversation. You don’t need to be in all social media platforms; simply stick to one or two that are most helpful to your brand.

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2. Connect with influencers. The thing to remember about social media is that it helps you build connections. If you want to build trust and credibility for your brand, you have to connect to other influencers within your niche. Letting other people promote your brand can help reduce consumer skepticism, as other people will be recommending you.

3. Plan your posts. The frequency of posting depends on which platform you are using. Facebook recommends posting once a day to keep you in the news feed, but you need to post more often on Twitter. You should also leave comments rather than simply like or share something since commenting opens up conversation. Expert bloggers often create their posts weeks ahead in order to leave time for polishing and keep the posts’ consistency and quality. Remember that social media is open 24/7, and while you cannot possibly operate optimally all the time, you can research on the best time of day to answer questions, conduct live tweet parties, and post multimedia to get a lot of likes.

4. Promote engagement. Asking questions, using photos, and giving away freebies are some ways to encourage participation within your community. The very premise of MobioINsider is built on engagement between fans asking questions and celebrities answering them. To promote engagement on Facebook, you can run a contest or build an exclusive group for your loyal fan base.

5. Work hard. Your social media presence doesn’t shoot up overnight. It entails a lot of hard work over months or even years, so you need to be patient about it. Unless you are a celebrity, you won’t have a lot of followers at the beginning. You need to allot an hour or two every day just lurking around your social media page, looking for shareable posts that could benefit your brand, and commenting on the posts of other influencers within your niche. Over time, your efforts will pay off, but until then, keep toiling.

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