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What’s the latest news on Wall Street

Wall Street has continued to perform well after it emerged that the election of President Donald Trump was not affecting the stock market negatively.



What's the latest news on Wall Street

Wall Street has continued to perform well after it emerged that the election of President Donald Trump was not affecting the stock market negatively.

Trump promised the stock market was going to perform better under his administration as he was not going to impose more regulations. However, Wall Street has been experiencing problems of its own that are affected by factors beyond the administration of the United States.

President Donald Trump seems to be the savior of the Wall Street as he has promised to revise some of the trade policies that have been affecting Wall Street negatively.

Trump latest speech to the congress was more reassuring as he repeated his remarks to make America great again by bringing jobs back and negotiating for better trade deals. In his speech, he mentioned Wall Street and said the organization was going to perform better than before. In the meantime, Wall Street will have to keep waiting for specific guidelines on tax cuts, regulatory reforms and infrastructure investment which will determine its future performance. The stability of Wall Street is very critical in the stock market globally as it affects the everyday trader using apps such as CMC markets too.

On February 3, President Donald Trump held the long awaited meeting in the white house dining room on policy reforms and powered strategy forum. The President turned much of his attention to the Dodd-Frank re-regulation law that was passed in 2010. This law has been affecting the Wall Street negatively as it affected business owners’ country wide. After the meeting, Trump signed an executive order that signaled his intentions to repeal several financial regulations that were imposed on the stock markets and the banking sector after the 2008 financial crisis.

For a long time, the Wall Street has been playing the essential role as the live line of capitalism. Business people have been turning to Wall Street bankers to access capital from the time of founding fathers. The capital was always given at a fair price that helped people to start and grow their business. However, this was tampered with when new policies and regulation imposed that saw small and upcoming businesses being denied access to loans and even high prices for capital returns. Wall Street ended up being dominated by big companies and banks.

The administration of President Obama for the past eight years was delighted in pushing the Wall Street in regards to the role it played in 2008 financial crisis. They laid out thousands of pages of rules and regulations to control everything in the Wall Street. They even controlled the amount of capital that banks should keep, and how they publically advertise. Most of these rules benefited the elite business people and politicians in Washington making Wall Street vulnerable and even recording the worst performance since it was founded. During this period, major Wall Street banks knowingly designed shoddy mortgages that should have never been there in the first place. They got their securities rated AAA which they did not deserve and sold most of them as high- quality investments all over the globe.

When the President talks about the mess he inherited from the previous administration, Wall Street is one of them. President Trump is bringing back hope to Wall Street by appealing most of these regulations that have been impinging on the livelihood of American citizens and even beyond borders. A few banks have now been controlling the Wall Street through these dubious regulations that have been unfavorable to other businesses in the United States and around the globe.

The Wall Street is currently looking better under the new administration. This week, the DOW recorded it highest performance ever. Many economic and business experts had predicted the Wall Street to even collapse under the new administration of President Donald Trump, but the opposite is happening. The stock market even performed better after Trump was declared the winner of the United States presidential elections. The mega infrastructure projects that are expected to be unveiled by the new administration are going to make Wall Street perform much better and attract more investors. The review of policies and regulations will also ease the hard times that Wall Street has been experiencing lately.

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