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Laura Strambi Brand Launches an Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

The project of the Laura Strambi brand is based on sustainability by designing garments in a conscious way and considering the disposal phase from the beginning in order to ensure their further life cycle after consumer use. All products are Made in Italy and made with highly selected and controlled raw materials from professional manufacturers who use only natural fabrics such as linen, and cotton.



The textile industry is the second most polluting production chain in the world, second only to the oil industry.

More specifically, according to EPRS data, in 2015 the textile industry used 79 billion cubic meters of water and is believed to be 20 percent responsible for its pollution due to the dyeing and finishing process.

Also according to EPRS, 10 percent of global carbon emissions are generated by the fashion industry, and in addition, according to the European Environment Agency, textile purchases in the EU alone during 2017 generated 654kg of carbon dioxide emissions per person.

In response to this problem, in 2012, the Laura Strambi brand was founded in Milan, focusing on creating totally sustainable and eco-friendly clothing and accessories. The creative director of the company is Laura Strambi, after whom the brand is named.

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Laura Strambi’s sustainable fashion

At the moment, the brand is held by Rimoda Lab srl, an innovative start-up founded in June 2022 and a member of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, which has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on WeAreStarting with a maximum fundraising target of 300 thousand euros for a pre-money valuation of 1.25 million.

The project is based on sustainability by designing garments in a conscious way and considering the disposal phase from the beginning in order to ensure their further life cycle after consumer use.

The brand is distinguished by its strong feminine character, minimal style, and clean design, which highlight the quality of the fabrics as well as the original and exclusive prints used.

In addition, all products are Made in Italy and made with highly selected and controlled raw materials from professional manufacturers who use only natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, wool, ramie or recycled (not polyester-derived materials).

Short supply chain to reduce emissions and transparency to customers

The Laura Strambi brand is distinguished by the production of luxury garments made exclusively in Italy. Processing and fabric research are carried out with a careful and conscious eco-sustainable approach that ensures minimal environmental impact, thanks also to the relationship with suppliers-as close as possible to avoid increasing CO2 emissions.

Laura Strambi’s desire to establish itself as a sustainable fashion brand has led Rimoda Lab to make choices aimed at creating a respectful and transparent company. First of all, the company has chosen to create and preserve a short supply chain, totally national, involving only suppliers and industry partners active in the area and agreeing to espouse the brand’s themes.

To publicize the advantages of choosing to work while preserving the environment Rimoda Lab decided to implement a system that through a simple QR code allows each customer to explore and learn about the supply chain itself, the materials that make up the purchased garment and the production process undergone by the same.

In addition, 100% natural fabrics of the highest quality and from recycling processes or textile innovation are used. The company is committed to eliminating the use of materials derived from plastic and thus from petroleum, such as polyester, which has a negative impact on the surrounding environment

Laura Strambi is expanding into new markets (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, the Far East, the Middle East, Russia, and former USSR countries), the quality of the garments and fabrics has been recognized by leading fashion magazines that have praised the design and craftsmanship, The brand’s international expansion is a confirmation of its strength and focus on sustainability.

Goals for the next 12-24 months

The brand development plan calls for a turnover of 4.4 million within the next 5 years.

To achieve this goal, a new commercial organization will be implemented: innovative software will be used to track suppliers and fabrics, communication, PR and digital marketing activities will be carried out, corners will be opened in strategic locations, and an online sales platform will be launched.

The commercial strategy includes the selection of the best international stores and department stores for wholesale (with a target of €350,000 in 2026), the opening of two branded stores (Milan and Paris) by 2025, the development of pop-up stores in seasonal locations, and online sales to increase the visibility and availability of the brand, with the aim of creating an international community of influencers to support the Laura Strambi concept.


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