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How should you market your brand on social media post-COVID?

Turn your social media into a valuable resource for your audience. Focus on increasing engagement, not just driving traffic. You can execute this by crafting educational content for your audience. Be it videos, carousel posts, or captions – but it has to be something unique. Another factor is to shift your overall content strategy to address the ongoing social distancing practice and generic COVID-19 precautions.



One thing we have surely learned in 2020 is that nobody can be fully prepared for the future. Corporate entities can devise fool-proof strategies, but there is always a need to keep a margin for uncertainties. The gradual erosion of resources and dwindling assets during the pandemic indicates embracing digital marketing and mainstream media deployment. 

In the post-Corona era, brands will be frantically racing to gain a competitive edge in the market. Staying connected will become more critical than ever, as people and businesses will rely on social media to consume news and entertainment.  

A statistical insight 

eMarketer tweaked its previous forecast in light of the COVID impact. It stated that US adults would spend 82 minutes per day on social networks. This was a significant upgrade from their previous forecast of 76 minutes. 

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Besides this, new data from the consulting firm Kantar found a 40% spike in Facebook and Instagram usage due to COVID-19. The views on Facebook Live and Instagram Live also doubled in one week. Given the massive media consumption during the pandemic, it is fundamental to devise your game plan. Work out the tactics required to boost your business plan post-pandemic.

How should you adopt social media marketing strategies post-COVID-19? 

Brands ought to alter their marketing tactics to match audience requirements. Even though the finances might impede running the required campaigns, you can get the ball rolling with a few essential changes. 

Let’s examine the five best post-COVID social media marketing strategies to keep you afloat in the crowded industrial sea: 

  1. Initiate with Customer Empathy 

Ignoring the pandemic’s devastating impact or behaving like everything is normal may make you seem inauthentic or tone-deaf, at worst. The foundation of your communication with the customers should be strong. Let your followers know that you are listening and acknowledge their crisis. 

Before the visitors bring conversion, they need to feel connected with the brand. The trick lies in humanizing your content before approaching the target audience.  

Bear in mind; every entity will be rushing to make sales post-Corona. Your key to success is in being compassionate. Curate content that speaks of your authenticity and reveals heartfelt empathy. Celebrity and business owner Kristin Cavallari sets an incredible example in this regard. She promoted sales for her jewelry brand, Uncommon James, by stating she has 100 employees who need to retain jobs.  

Hence, simple infusions of sympathy and acknowledgment make a difference in humanizing your brand. 

Enhance your online visibility 

As mentioned earlier, people are spending more time online than ever before. If you cannot market or sell your products or services right now, you should focus on sharing content that aligns with your brand values. Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Are you using the right channels to engage with customers? 
  • Does your channel combo facilitate sales? 
  • How extensive is your market research? 

It is quite intriguing how people are turning to different channels for different content. For instance, TikTok and Snapchat have been sources of fun and distraction during this time. According to eMarketer, Snapchat noted a 47% hike in usage from Android phones in South Korea during the peak of the outbreak in March.  

The @woodlandshouse in Sandy, Oregon, is doing a fabulous job of staying active on Insta, promoting their business in an as sustainable and healthy way as they can. Following this parable, we suggest you become more proactive and optimize your social media presence. 

  1. Focus on Brand Longevity 

If you have been in the marketing sector for long, you might be aware of how some companies fail insanely. They were the ones who took the world by storm, only to end up in hot waters after a few years. One mistake majority of them committed was neglecting longevity and focusing on short-term perks. 

Note that your audience is keenly watching the stance your business is taking during the Corona times. The way you respond and every fragment of your content plan can make oodles of difference in their perception.  

Look at how Slack’s founder, Stewart Butterfield, has been tweeting to ensure that people feel secure and equipped to resolve the issues and bridge the communication gap that this pandemic situation has brought to us all. 


This demonstrates that as individuals adjust to the new normal, it is essential to diversify your social marketing portfolio and maximize your reach. 

Provide organic value on your social media channel

Turn your social media into a valuable resource for your audience. Focus on increasing engagement, not just driving traffic. You can execute this by crafting educational content for your audience.  Be it videos, carousel posts, or captions – but it has to be something unique.  

Another factor is to shift your overall content strategy to address the ongoing social distancing practice and generic COVID-19 precautions. The insta-famous brand Revolve adds a new edge to this strategy. They have dramatically shifted from posting travel content to stay-at-home lifestyle content. Instead of using #revolvearoundtheworld, they created the hashtag #revolvearoundthehouse.  

Revolve also reduced its number of daily posts from five to two. In fact, 74% of the brands surveyed by Influencer Marketing Hub are posting less on their company social accounts at present.  

Since there is a beam of hope that we will soon step into post-Corona times, brands must prep up for intense competition. The organic value you offer right now will allow people to associate with your brand afterwards. 

Find a well-rounded CRM tool 

When a brand plans to adopt a multi-channel approach, a robust and credible Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform would be an ideal option. Salesforce and Hubspot are a couple of well-reputed places, to begin with. 

CRM aids marketers to collect useful data and analytics that bring them essential information. It includes the customers’ whereabouts, the lead life cycle, and what encourages them to purchase. A comprehensive social media CRM tool will enable you to transfer specific conversations to customer support, marketing opportunities, or sales inquiries. 

Why Use CRM Analytics Tool to Track Your Company's Goals

During the post-Corona period, this will be the best tool at your disposal for massive outreach. Brands can make the most out of its built-in features like emails and customized messages.  

Parting thought – Is COVID-19 a blessing in disguise for your business? 

All in all, the post-COVID social climate will be starkly variant than the current. Brands who are willing to stay relevant must make the necessary tweaks and incorporate new tactics to survive the hot waters. 

It will be a time of heightened anxieties; we sincerely advise you not to be too hard on yourself. You may find your brand productivity shrinking well below the usual standards. Nonetheless, you must strengthen your willpower and keep flowing.  

Who knows, your constant struggle might help you climb the marketing ladder higher than you ever imagined! 


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