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Mazzanti manufacturer launches a STO after three equity crowdfunding campaigns

The campaign launched by Mazzanti has a duration of 60 days and has a minimum target of $964,000 (€800,000) and a maximum target of $1.21 million (€1 million) (999,999 to be precise) and is allowed to invest both in Euros and in certain cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), or USD Tether (USDT, a stable coin based on the dollar) and Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC).



Mazzanti’s race to raise funds using the tools made available by the international fintech sector continues unabated. After the three equity crowdfunding campaigns on Crowdfundme in Italy, Seedrs in the UK, and Fundedbyme in Sweden, the Tuscan producer of handcrafted hypercars launched on Thursday, February 25th, a Security Token Offering (STO) on the Luxembourg platform Stockr.

The operation consists in the issue of tokens (MZZ) with a nominal value of $1.21 (€1) that represent the right to receive pro-rata 50% of the sale value (net of taxes) of one example of the Evantra Millecavalli Racing, the new hypercar produced by Mazzanti. The tokens are issued by the corporate vehicle Mobility Venture One (Lux) S.C.S, specifically set up by Mazzanti Automobili Srl.

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MZZs are not cryptocurrencies

They are financial instruments, “securities” within the meaning of MiFID II, that are issued, traded, and held with proof of ownership registered on the Liquid Network, built as a sidechain of the Bitcoin blockchain. Investors can keep their MZZ on Green Wallet by simply registering it on STOKR. MZZs are registered securities (registered securities) with a preferential right to share in the proceeds from the sale price of a Millecavalli under Luxembourg law. The offer is expected to make use of Article 1 (3) of the Prospectus Regulation (EU) 2017.

The campaign has a duration of 60 days and has a minimum target of $964,000 (€800,000) and a maximum target of $1.21 million (€1 million (999,999 to be precise) and is allowed to invest both in Euros and in certain cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), or USD Tether (USDT, a stable coin based on the dollar) and Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC).

Through this offering, the company intends to raise the working capital needed for the production of its latest prototype, the “Millecavalli R” a unique racing version of the iconic Millecavalli model.

Founder, Luca Mazzanti said, “Mazzanti Automobili’s STO represents a new era for premium luxury car brands to finance and develop their capital. STO enables the creation of a new, more innovative and sexy supercar model, thus maintaining a strategic advantage over competitors. STO shares 50% of its revenues with our tokenists. This means that Mazzanti Automobili intends to engage new investors who are passionate and ready for an exciting global growth path. Investors can enjoy the expansion of the brand, the building of innovative hypercars, the development of sustainable “green” growth and, finally, the profits and satisfying returns on every capital invested.”

Mazzanti Automobili is an Italian automotive company that produces hand-built high-performance hypercars

The “journey” started in 2002 in Pontedera, Italy, with founder Luca Mazzanti, who created a restoration and development workshop for sports supercars before moving into new model production over the past 10 years.

From the beginning, the company focused its energies on the study, design and technical research for the Evantra, 771 and Millecavalli hypercars, selecting suppliers and attracting the best automotive expertise. To date, Mazzanti has produced 15 highly sought-after cars purchased by both track enthusiasts and one-off collectors.

The company launched three equity crowdfunding rounds between 2020 and early 2021, raising a total of just over $1.21 million (€1 million).


(Featured image by Evantra Millecavalli CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikicommons)

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