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Mexican Supreme Court endorses medical cannabis use

Mexico’s supreme court regulated the use of medical cannabis after its failure to legalize cannabis in 2017. The court made this decision in favor of a child who needed medication derived from the THC cannabis substance to treat epilepsy. The health ministry must now update its cannabis guidelines within half a year to legalize cannabis for medical and recreational use.



This picture show a cannabis plant.

The judges who make up the Sixth Collegiate Court of the Fifteenth Circuit took the tests and testimonies of patients who use cannabis and confirmed that cannabis is a valid medical treatment tool. This is positive step towards full legalization in Mexico. .

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Alternative treatment with cannabis medicine

People who suffer from diseases such as cancer, autism or Parkinson’s, have found an alternative and effective treatment from the “Red Lotus” Foundation and Neuro Farms led by researcher Victor Rocha Castaños.

Collectively, in June 2019, patients filed an application for protection for medical cannabis use in view of the lack of regulation and bureaucracy imposed by the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris).

The judges of the Sixth Collegiate Tribunal of the Fifteenth Circuit, based in Mexicali, endorsed the evidence presented by the patients, from documents to testimonies that will be included in the Amparo procedure.

Rocha Castaños – dedicated cannabis researcher

For Rocha Castaños, who has been dedicated to researching cannabis medical use for a decade, this is a significant achievement. Above all, it brings certainty to patients, doctors, researchers, and all those involved in this initiative. The next step, he said, will be that on the basis of admissibility of the evidence so that the Court will ask the relevant authorities to release evidence requested by the applicants.

“The purpose of the lawsuit is that there is a vacuum in the law, Cofepris, where are the regulations? Why are you telling me I can’t when there aren’t any, on the one hand, there is a Congress that says there is a universal and humanitarian law, but here are federal, state and local authorities that don’t know,” said Rocha Castaños.

Cannabis effectiveness

Rocha Castaños began researching and testing the effectiveness of the cannabis plant and other components to treat various diseases, motivated in large by the ailments he saw in his daughter, his mother, and other relatives. The admissibility of the evidence, he said, was the result of judges taking into account human aspects far from paper bureaucracy.

The researcher has taken on the task of caring for patients of all ages and even supports low-income families by bringing cannabis treatment to their homes in the city or valley of Mexicali.

The patients of “Red Lotus” and Neuro Farms will now wait for the resolution of their application for protection registered with the folio 733/2019.

This move represents a positive step forward for the cannabis sector in Mexico. It will allow the Central American country to become part of a market set to be worth more than $66 billion by 2025. It will also provide another export partner for Canadian and European companies that are sitting on an oversupply of cannabis at the moment. 

By legalizing cannabis Mexico will also have a unique opportunity to curtail the thriving black market in the country. It is widely predicted that within the next year the Mexican government will opt to deregulate cannabis.


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DISCLAIMER: This article was written by a third party contributor and does not reflect the opinion of Born2Invest, its management, staff or its associates. Please review our disclaimer for more information.

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