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Mohawk Group eyes LEED and WELL Building Standard certificates with new showroom

Mohawk Group and Gensler teamed up for a new showroom that caters to the wellness of both the environment and the employees.



Architecture and property marketing are certainly benefiting from modern approaches to standard designs and practices. Mohawk Group’s latest showroom in New York City’s Fashion District is the primary example of efficiency and sustainability, and it is already drawing a lot of attention in the Big Apple.

The new showroom in Manhattan is 13,000 square feet and is designed by Gensler, says CSR Wire. It fits perfectly well at the heart of the said city. On display at the showroom are the best in terms of modern design that is well complemented by proper natural lighting and organized borders. Despite the limited space, the area manages to incorporate a lot of Mohawk Group’s most recent designs. In and of itself, the open layout has easily become an impressive display of what Mohawk Group is capable of when it comes to sustainable and wellness design.

The approach to the showroom has caught the attention of big names in the industry too, according to a report by Interiors+Sources. i+D Magazine and Interiors+Sources publisher Michael Stanley has high praises for the showroom. He commented on Gensler and Mohawk’s Group perfect collaboration. He also lauded the unique combination of amenities, including an indoor herb garden and an array of other environment-friendly products such as daylight harvesting sensors.

Mohawk Group and Gensler are seeking certification from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system. The system devised by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) is a metric that considers the environmental impact and sustainable design of a building. Other than this, LEED-certified designers must also display concern for the health of employees.

At the same time, the collaborators are also seeking certification from the WELL Building Standard from the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). To gain this certification, interested designers must create areas that improve the comfort and overall well-being of the users. As such, the designers are also taking steps concerning wellness.

New York City

Mohawk Group’s new showroom is located in New York City. (Source)

Regarding quality of life improvements, the showroom displays accessible storage areas for files and folders. Gensler and Mohawk Group are also able to incorporate a packed gym in the area, which could be beneficial for employees who don’t have the time to visit a gym outside their office.

Mohawk Group has poised itself as a leader in the commercial flooring industry with its new showroom. Aside from showing what they are capable of, they have exhibited the commitment to smart designing that incorporates innovation, sustainability and comfort.

Mohawk Group’s most recent attempt at showcasing their products is a marvel to behold, and the company has set the bar high with showrooms. They’ve shown that with proper placement and compact designing, there is a way to satisfy the needs of the employees while maintaining an environmentally-friendly office space at the same time.

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