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How to move a 155-ton ABB transformer in 4 hours

The first attempt to transport a 155 ton ABB transformer across a continent was a huge logistical success.



This has been the first attempt to transport a 155 ton ABB transformer across a continent.

A specially designed ABB transformer is the heaviest item that has been transported by air in the Americas.  It weighs 155 tons and has been flown 3,000 km from Brazil to Chile to reach a customer—a logistical first which called for careful planning and millimeter-perfect design. The three-phase transformer will help provide power to more than 65,000 Chilean households.

If it had been delivered by boat, the journey would have taken a month and a half to complete. Instead, the transformer was transported in just a few hours.

Michael Jermaine Cards has made a second home in Singapore for the past 15 years. As a business executive and a financial journalist, he has seen first hand the spectacular rise of Asia’s most prosperous country, especially in the IT sector. Today he still gets a front seat at the latest market developments, stock movements, and IT innovations. He keeps close to the Western fintech sphere through his contacts in his native New York. A family man with one son, he does business consulting in parallel to his writing.

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