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New record for a real estate crowdfunding project launched on Rendimento Etico

The real estate lending crowdfunding platform Rendimento Etico has raised $4.76 million (€4 million) in a week for a real estate project in Milan. It is an absolute record in Italy. Rendimento Etico, since its inception, has carried out 66 operations, for a total collection of over $32 million (€27 million) and about 14 thousand members.



The real estate lending crowdfunding platform Rendimento Etico has set a new record not only in relation to lending but also in relation to real estate equity crowdfunding, already accustomed to multi-million dollar collections.

The real estate project “Milano via Macchi” was in fact able to raise as much as $4.76 million (€4 million), among other things in just one week, thanks to 1,772 investors. The result is all the more striking if we consider that the average size of the collection for projects presented on lending platforms is about $297,000 (€250,000), while on equity platforms it is over $1.78 million (€1.5 million). As far as real estate equity is concerned, the most successful project was Varese 10, also in Milan, which raised $4.5 million (€3.8 million) on the Concrete Investing platform.

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The crowdfunding project was a real success

The project, proposed by the company Klak srl, consists in the purchase and renovation of 19 apartments located in Milan in the central area and precisely in the area of the central station. The property is a former hotel, located on the top three floors of a building on seven levels, in addition to the reception located on the ground floor with exclusive access from Via Macchi. A further condominium access overlooks via Palestrina.

The project, reads the platform sheet, provides for the total internal renovation of the property on the fifth, sixth and seventh floors and the arrangement of the lobby. 19 new real estate units with a total commercial area of 1200 square meters will be realized. The new apartments in the project will be two-room apartments of about 50 square meters, designed so that in the executive phase, depending on market demand, it is easy to combine the units in order to create larger apartments. In particular on the top floor there is the possibility to obtain two penthouses.

Andrea Maurizio Gilardoni, founder of Rendimento Etico talks about his event, underlining how he didn’t stop when the various DCPMs banned the events, therefore making a virtue out of necessity: “I rented a TV studio and made the course an efficient and effective digital event, so much so that the number of participants increased compared to the past” said Gilardoni, continuing “The people who attend our courses have the most varied professional and personal backgrounds. Architects, lawyers, real estate agents, but also professional practitioners stopped by the health emergency, university students and even doctors. The participant is anyone who is looking for an extra opportunity or a new profession, all having in common the desire to succeed, to react to this social crisis, for themselves and for their families.”

Course participants were provided with the tools to operate in the NPL (impaired loans) market, auction houses and also in the free market. All combined with the ethicality that characterizes both Rendimento Etico and Case Italia, a company, again created by Gilardoni, qualified in the management of the resolution of bank debt for those who find themselves in the situation of having their homes foreclosed and/or up for sale at auction, taking care of all aspects and addressing all parties involved (creditors, debtors and investors) and which, by entering into negotiations with creditors before it is sold at auction, manages in this way to preserve its value and ensure these people a debt-free future.

The ethical aspect of the Milan Via Macchi operation, which is one of the platform’s proposals, consists in feeding a charity fund that the proposer has committed to support.

The lending crowdfunding platform Rendimento Etico

Rendimento Etico, since its inception, has carried out 66 operations, for a total collection of over $32 million (€27 million) and about 14 thousand members. It is a lending crowdfunding platform, which, unlike equity, does not make investors members, but simple lenders who will be repaid, with interest, at a certain deadline (usually within 12 months).

The company, which makes use of the resources and proposals of Case Italia, helps people and companies that are experiencing economic difficulties and need to sell their property, entering into negotiations with creditors, before it is sold at auction, thus managing to preserve its value and ensure these people a debt-free future.


(Featured image by Michael Gaida via Pixabay)

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