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Trusters closes the first real estate lending crowdfunding campaign for a widespread housing project

For the first time, the real estate project of an Albergo Diffuso raises money with a lending crowdfunding campaign. The financing round with the goal of raising was launched on February 4th, on Trusters and has $217,000 (€180,000) thanks to more than 200 investors. The loan is to be repaid within 15 months of subscription with an annual ROI of 10%.



The Italian real estate crowdfunding portal Trusters has launched the Albergo Diffuso project in the heart of the Dolomites, in the middle of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and the largest protected natural area in Trentino Alto Adige. 

The Albergo Diffuso will be located in villages and towns, among narrow streets and ancient buildings, with accommodation located in several buildings saved from abandonment, but immersed in their history and tradition. It is defined as a “horizontal receptive structure”, with rooms located in different buildings (even if adjacent), which refer to the same reception. It is a different way for tourists to get in close contact with the local population and organize their vacation to deepen their knowledge of the history, art, and culture of the area they want to visit while maintaining the comfort level of a 4-star hotel.

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On February 4th, the financing round started on Trusters

The collection on the portal Trusters to finance the project Albergo diffuso started on February 4th, with a minimum goal of $190,000 (€160,000) and reached the maximum of $217,000 (€180,000) thanks to more than 200 investors. The loan is to be repaid within 15 months of subscription with an annual ROI of 10%. 

The financial investment is asset-backed, i.e. guaranteed by the value of the properties themselves, which amounts to $760,000 (€630,000) before the intervention (average purchase price $190 (€160)/sqm) and will reach the value of $7.55 million (€6.26 million) after the building intervention ($1,900 (€1,600) /sqm). The project is conceived and developed by Hara Abitare srl with the patronage of the Municipality of Stenico, Fraction of Sclemo in Trento, and sees the realization of more than 2,000 square meters of commercial housing units with energy class A+. It is therefore an important operation of architectural recovery, renovation and redevelopment of rural buildings in residential and hospitality.

Nicola Zucca, founder of Hara Abitare said: “The Covid-19 has changed the priorities of the traveller. In this context, diffuse hotels are proving to be a far-sighted form of tourism: built in the middle of nature and in charming contexts where there is no risk of crowds, located in wide spaces originally intended for residents and not for tourists, equipped with all comforts. Horizontal type structures that do not have to resort to the creation of a single centralized building, unlike traditional hotels that instead have a vertical type structure. The collaboration of Hara Abitare srl with Self Coherence, a reference in Italy in the market of bio and neuro feedback training has guided the decision to characterize the resort with an evolved wellbeing. Wellbeing can be considered the evolution of the traditional SPA-Wellness model. The innovative approach is based on the Heart Rate Varibility metric, an indicator that measures the health status and resilience of the body. For the study of the analysis of the accommodation model applied to the albergo diffuso, we made use of the professionalism of a highly experienced operator, Rentopolis, of which Stefano Bettanin is administrator.”

Monica Mattevi, mayor of Stenico, added: “The proposal seemed to us to be immediately in tune with the place and innovative; the fact of redeveloping the village through an Albergo Diffuso can guarantee life also in the future to this small village and therefore we could only welcome it with enthusiasm. We have already thought of making a variant to the PRG to make the town more attractive and in step with the times and we have asked for the collaboration of the designers and the entire staff of Hara Abitare to achieve the realization of what they proposed. The areas of value generation are multiple: first of all the real estate, as even the buildings that will not be the subject of the first intervention can be subsequently integrated and take on new value in the context of an overall urban redevelopment. Tourist, as the operation aims to consolidate the destination by enhancing the aspects of typicality that represent a competitive advantage at this time in particular, and finally employment. In fact, the model of the Albergo Diffuso as conceived by Hara Abitare foresees the wide involvement of the community and of the local resources in the broadest sense. The project will therefore generate an increase in employment and an important induced activity with wellness at the center, just think that the characteristics of the place – in balance with nature – integrated with the know-how and technology proposed with the paths of wellbeing represent an innovative model of wellness addressed both to the local community and to anyone who will visit the area. All this will generate great value not only economically but also social, for the collective benefit.”

Trusters is an innovative startup launched in 2018

Innovative startup launched in December 2018, Trusters is the first fully Italian lending crowdfunding platform in the real estate sector. Since December 2019, the data tracked by Trusters are stored and certified in blockchain. Technological innovation, through the certification in blockchain and thanks to the partnership with Swiss Crowd, a Swiss company specialized in blockchain, allows a greater guarantee of transparency on the management of data related to the real estate assets of the proposals presented on the platform. Trusters boasts over 4,000 registered users on its portal, 42 registered proposing companies, 101 funded projects, raising over $13.3 million (€11 million), an average Roi of 9.11% and 32 projects already reimbursed (30% of the total).

The Trusters portal is also preparing its fourth round, which it intends to launch in March 2021. The company in the previous round of 2020, conducted through the private crowdfunding platform ClubDealOnline, raised $603,000 (€500,000) in 4 months, below expectations of one million euros. 

In June 2019 Trusters closed a capital increase of $121,000 (€100,000), which was aimed at enlarging the corporate structure to qualified and functional players for the development of the business. The share capital increase operation was supported and made effective by M9 SPA Management & Investimenti, business and equity partner of the Elite project of Borsa Italiana, and Studio Coazzoli, Dottori Commercialisti e Revisori Legali, specialists in Business Equity Grow.


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