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Open Seed signs a partnership and goes overfunding on CrowdFundMe

The company has recently signed a partnership with CrowdFundMe, and it has also launched a crowdfunding campaign. Open Seed has already raised $288,000 (€240,000) compared to a minimum target of $96,000 (€80,000). The company plans to invest in six new startups. Open Seed’s portfolio, which has tripled in value in 3 years, includes several CrowdFundMe issuers.



The accelerator Open Seed has signed an agreement with the Italian crowdinvesting platform listed on Aim Italia CrowdFundMe, with the aim of identifying the best innovative startups to be proposed to the portal. Open Seed is also running an equity crowdfunding campaign on CrowdFundMe, launched last March and active until May 24th. The company, with a valuation of $1.7 million (€1.4 million), has already been overfunded by 302%, raising over $288,000 (€240,000) compared to a minimum target of $96,000 (€80,000).

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Open Seed plans to invest in innovative startups

Open Seed intends to use the capital raised with the ongoing equity crowdfunding to invest in six new startups. At the moment the following have been pre-selected: Fakebusters (information and fact-checking app), Genuino.Zero (agrifood), Co-Robotics (robotics), Tips Here (real estate listings), Mio Meal (food delivery), and MyRa (fintech). In the future, the capital raised can also be invested in other high-potential startups, selected through the continuous scouting of BusinessAngels.Network, which, thanks to its platform, collects applications and analyzes dozens of startups every year.

Lorenzo Ferrara, president of Open Seed, said: “We have supported CrowdFundMe since the beginning, when the equity crowdfunding sector was still unknown. Until now there was no formal agreement, but in these years we have worked closely with the founders of the portal, Tommaso Baldissera and Benedetto Pirro, with whom we share the innovative and ambitious approach to the world of startups. Now we take a further step forward to strengthen our relationship and find new opportunities. Crowdfunding, in fact, is growing but it is still at the beginning of its history and the development margins are high, especially considering that people are increasingly used to using the eeb and digital tools.”

Tommaso Baldissera Pacchetti, CEO of CrowdFundMe, added: “Business accelerators and venture capitalists are increasingly drawing on the rich pool of equity crowdfunding to finance the growth and development of their startups. What until a few months ago was called alternative finance can now be called, in its own right, main finance.”

Open Seed was founded back in 2016

Open Seed is a holding company founded in 2016 by Lorenzo Ferrara (president, digital entrepreneur, president, and coordinator of the association BusinessAngels.Network) and Francesco Maggio (CFO for KValue, a company that supports companies in digital transformation). The objective of Open Seed is to finance high-potential pre-seed startups and support them in their growth path. For the selection, the holding company leverages on a solid network of innovation pioneers, from LVenture to BusinessAngels.Network.

The company, composed of 30 partners with high sector experience among professionals and entrepreneurs, holds 15 participations and 6 exclusive agreements for new investments. Open Seed’s portfolio, which has tripled in value in 3 years, includes several CrowdFundMe issuers, such as: FrescoFrigo, a producer of hi-tech vending machines; Tulips, a pure online supermarket; CleanBnB, a company specialized in short term rentals landed on Aim Italia in July 2019. Open Seed also holds shares in Treedom, a Florentine platform for planting trees remotely, and Fitprime, a digital platform dedicated to fitness. In 2017, the year Open Seed invested in it, the company had a valuation of $12 million (€10 million). Currently, it is worth $42 million (€35 million).


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