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How organic weed from a pest-free soil leads to a healthier body

Organic medical marijuana can lead to a healthier mind and body.



Goodbye, weed. Hello, organically produced medical cannabis.

That seems to be the cry of the medical community and United States. Both have realized the health and environmental benefits of medical marijuana. According to  the News Herald, 25 states have already legalized it.  Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington are among the most recent proponents and are seeing to its implementation. names Ohio as the newest addition who joined the bandwagon in September. Forbes also forecasts that more states will join their ranks this November, with Arkansas, Florida, Montana, and North Dakota voting for the same measure.

The notion that marijuana, also known as weed, is a dangerous drug is fast fading. This is due to recent strides in medical research and development. In a study, Harvard Health Publications of the Harvard Medical School notes that small, prescribed doses of the substance can actually be beneficial to health. The publication noted that marijuana can stimulate appetite, lessen nerve pain, and decrease nausea among cancer patients.


The medical community believes organic weed is healthier. (Source)

Med-X Inc. promotes a more objective, balanced perspective about marijuana. It is a company that focuses on research and development to educate the public about medical cannabis. The main reservation about medical cannabis is its purity and the credibility of those who manufacture it.

Not surprisingly, they get their viewpoint mainly from Hollywood movies that show gun-wielding tycoons. The integrity of the product then comes into question. Med-X Inc. plans to demolish this myth in two methods. One is by controlling every aspect of the supply chain to ensure the legal manufacture of cannabis. Another is by using their own patented Nature-Cide All Purpose Insecticide to make the plant safe and healthy.

Organic weed

Med-X, Inc. co-founder and COO Matthew Mills explains the advantages of their breakthrough invention. “We are releasing a new all natural insecticidal soil, our special proprietary blend refined through research. Furthermore, the soil protects the roots of the plant from pests while producing the kinds of crop yields cultivators hope for and expect,” he said.

The purity of the plant makes it attractive to scientists and pharmaceutical companies who can break it down and reconstruct it in medicinal form. At the same time, its robustness at harvest provides an advantage for those who want to increase its supply every yield, and thus, produce larger supplies of medical products.

It might take some time before the myths are broken. However, the drug has found some supporters and not just in government. A Sports Illustrated story has football star Eugene Monroe advocating the use of medical marijuana for athletes like himself who risk brain injury every time they play in the field.

Says Monroe, Let’s research how cannabinoids may help curb traumatic brain injury. If you’re a player and you see this, you better stand up. It’s about damn time. I’m not here advocating smoking weed for recreational purposes. However, smoking weed just may protect your brain. Get over the ‘stigma’ we all know marijuana is not dangerous by any means.”

With a little help from Med-X Inc., skeptics and the fearful alike will get over that stigma. Thus, they can now fully recognize how medical marijuana can actually actively help in developing a stronger mind and a healthier body.

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