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Pharmacies in Jujuy to Start Selling Cannabis Oil Made in the Province

Cannava, a public company in Argentina has recently launched its own cannabis oil. CBD10 is the third industrial oil to be marketed in pharmacies in Argentina. But it is limited to the borders of Jujuy. Since a few months ago, two oils manufactured in Argentina with foreign raw material and authorized as medicines by ANMAT have been marketed in the rest of the country.



Although the Congress of the Nation has slept in Deputies the half sanction of the law of industrial production of cannabis promoted by the Executive Power, in Jujuy is living another time: the local government announced that from this Friday will sell to the public the first product manufactured at large scale by the state-owned company Cannava.

CBD10 oil, whose only compound derived from the plant is cannabidiol (known as CBD, a non-psychoactive molecule) will be available in the 160 pharmacies opened in the province and will be available under prescription filed by Jujuy doctors. The price, as confirmed by official sources of the government of Gerardo Morales, will be $2,990 in the case of the 10-milliliter bottle. From January, in addition, the 30 ml bottle will be on sale at $7,690. “An affordable price,” according to the company led by Gastón Morales.

CBD10 is produced at the El Pongo farm, a huge expanse of land in the city of Perico that the public company Cannava uses to grow about 22 thousand plants and which it inaugurated in 2018. There, the company also has a laboratory that extracts the first product entirely manufactured in the country. The Jujuy oil will be able to be prescribed for refractory epilepsy, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and any pathology for which the doctor considers the patient’s needs.

Anyone who has a digital prescription signed by a doctor in the province, in effect, will be able to purchase the product. Each user who purchases the oil in pharmacies will have to answer quality of life questionnaires within a near real-time “pharmacovigilance” system during the first three months of taking it.

The product, which in October arrived at the Perico hospital as part of a special treatment program with 50 patients, and now lands in pharmacies is the harvest that Cannava took from a portion of the 35-hectare crop and nine greenhouses. “It is the first pharmaceutical-grade product of its kind made entirely in Argentina,” commented Morales junior, who foresees by 2022 expanding the planting space to 220 hectares and extending it, perhaps a year later, rapidly to 600.

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Cannava, in fact, has global commercial aspirations

Weeks ago, Governor Morales was promoting the company of the state of Jujuy in Spain. Two months ago, during the presentation of new machinery in El Pongo, the governor pointed out cannabis as a productive matrix that will be essential for the economy of the province together with lithium exploitation.

The president of Cannava explained that the company “obtained all the permits, authorizations, registrations and records required by provincial and national legislation, in addition to being registered with ANMAT and providing monthly traceability reports to the National Seed Institute in order to be able to make the dispensing of the oil in our pharmacies a reality, a milestone that will change the health of many families”.

Cannava oil can be marketed in Jujuy according to local legislation, but the company is prevented from distributing it in the rest of the country until it has the corresponding authorization from ANMAT as a medicine. For that, it is necessary that the law that currently has the Senate’s half sanction is approved and regulates the market of pharmaceutical products such as CBD10 in the whole country.

“Regarding the elaboration of pharmaceutical grade products, the provincial public law empowers the provincial Ministry of Health to evaluate, register, approve and authorize the distribution of medicinal cannabis derivatives elaborated by laboratories authorized on Jujuy soil, as long as there is no interprovincial commercialization,” they clarified from Jujuy.

The provincial government created a special registry of cannabis products of pharmaceutical grade for human use that adopts the same quality and safety control standards as those in force at national and international level.

CBD10 is the third industrial oil to be marketed in pharmacies in Argentina. But it is limited to the borders of Jujuy. Since a few months ago, two oils manufactured in Argentina with foreign raw material and authorized as medicines by ANMAT have been marketed in the rest of the country.

They are Convupidiol, from the Alef laboratory, and Kanbis, presented a few days ago, from the Elea laboratory. Although both use the same component approved by ANMAT and can only be used by patients over 2 years of age who suffer from seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut or Dravet syndromes (two types of epilepsy), the prices are astronomically different: Convupidiol costs 66 thousand pesos (the 35 ml bottle) and Kanbis, $ 8,000 (30 ml).


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