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Why you need product photography in your crowdfunding campaign

In order for your crowdfunding campaign to succeed, you need to pay attention to each detail, starting with photographing your product. Poor-quality product images will not help your crowdfunding campaign be effective. Images are the first thing a potential backer sees on your page. To make sure you’re doing product photography right, here are some handy tips and tricks for you to remember.



This picture show a person taking a picture.

The idea in crowdfunding is to convince enough people to fund your campaign – and the first step to doing so is through photographing your product! Many people don’t read product descriptions very thoroughly if their attention is not immediately grabbed by an image. Images are the first thing a potential backer sees on your page: they are the ‘cover’ that is judged, and they are the thing that will ultimately win the hearts of backers. 

Clumsy or poor-quality product images will not help your crowdfunding campaign succeed, that’s for sure. These days, it’s easier than ever to take good shots with smartphones, or to learn how to use photography equipment! Using attractive images will pique the curiosity of people skimming a campaign page. 

To make sure you’re doing product photography right, here are some handy tips and tricks for you to remember. And don’t forget: the way you present your products is just as important as the idea of the product itself. When looking for crowdfunding, you are marketing your idea, after all. Marketing requires some skill! 

1. No camera, no problem!

You don’t need the most expensive, fancy DSLR camera and lenses set to produce some amazing product photographs. Instead, all you need is some lenses that let your smartphone do the trick: consider iPhone lenses like Olloclip and Moment.

2. Natural Lighting is Queen

Good lighting makes photography so much easier – it’s a no-brainer, really. Trying to take good photographs in poor lighting is near impossible. Look for natural lighting (that is, daylight and specifically sunlight) when taking photographs of your product. If that’s not available, try using lights that mimic natural lighting. You can also invest in pop-up photo studios for smartphones, like Lightcase.

3. Experiment

The key to taking the best product photos is experimentation. Try several views and angles to capture your product in its best light! If you’re selling a bag, you’ll want to show both the interior and exterior of it, the top, sides, and even the bottom. Potential backers haven’t seen the actual product in real life, so your photos need to show them every inch of your product! 

4. Make your product standout

There are so many Crowdfunder campaigns out there for products – you need to be the best to draw backers to your campaign. Do some market research and scope out the competition by looking at similar products. Once you know what everyone else is doing, you can ensure your product stands out from the crowd. Include something memorable so backers want to support your product – you could try adding video or behind the scenes snaps!

This picture show a camera.
Poor-quality product images will not help your crowdfunding campaign succeed.

5. Showcase any distinctive features

Be sure to highlight the best parts of your product. For instance, if your product is water-resistant, have a photograph with water drops falling off it. If it glows in the dark, show it shining in a dark room. Whatever special features your product has, showcase them – they may be listed in the product description, but they need a visual representation to catch the attention of backers!

6. Photoshop

You can, and should, also use photo editing to your advantage. There are plenty of free tutorials out there for photo editing software like Photoshop, and you can also use pre-sets that match the tone of your brand. 

7. Backgrounds

Remember to be aware of the backdrop of your photograph. You don’t want to have your product photographed on a table full of clutter! Neutral backgrounds tend to work best, because then the attention is focussed solely on your product. Loud, busy backgrounds will make your product look tacky and draw attention away from it. 

8. Show the collection

If your product comes in a range of styles and colors, show every option in the set. Every customer has different tastes, after all, so showing all the possible styles of your product will ensure it appeals to everyone! 

9. Show the packaging

It’s also useful to show how the product will arrive – people may buy it as a gift, so will want to see how it is packaged. They might also wonder if it will arrive safely in the mail if it’s a fragile product. Put their minds at rest by showing exactly how it will be packaged and sent.

(Featured image by Free-Photos from Pixabay)

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