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Here’s how much 50+ stocks would be worth if you invested $1,000 at their IPO

Some tech stocks like Oracle, Microsoft and Disney have reached or exceeded the $1 million mark.



Many investors dream of buying a ton of shares of a company at their IPO with grand hopes that the stock takes off after their initial investment. The stock market can be highly volatile and some investments turn out to be far better than others.

In light of the recent volatility in the stock market, especially in the technology sector, Waterstone Management Group assembled a list of 50+ tech stocks throughout history to determine how much your shares would be worth today if you invested $1000 at their IPO. The reason for doing this is because IPO’s tend to draw a lot of investors chasing the next hot IPO.  They compiled this data into a comprehensive infographic that can be seen below. Highlighted below are some of the more memorable stock gains according to their data.

  • $1,000 worth of Amazon stock at their time of their IPO would now be worth $972,653, nearly 100 times your initial investment. Surprisingly enough stock on Adobe would be worth nearly as much as Amazon at $953,653.
  • The two highest performing stocks with a post-2000 IPO are Chinese internet behemoth Tencent and Netflix. (I highly doubt few people would have picked those two against stocks like Google and bitcoin).
  • Tesla has seen impressive gains since their IPO 7 years ago, but would have only gained $19,335.  Granted that’s no small chump change, but it would have been more had their stock not recently taken a large dip in the market.

To see the full results, check out the infographic below:

(Featured image by Mike Mozart via Flickr. CC BY 2.0)

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