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Three equity crowdfunding campaigns in Italy end with deposits of over €1 million

AorticLab closed the equity crowdfunding campaign on the Doorway platform with a collection of $1.54 million (€1.3 million). PMI TOP Crowdinvesting is the first holding company in Italian SMEs, thanks to which even crowd investors can finally access alternative investments in Private Equity and Private Debt. The company closed in advance its campaign having reached its maximum funding target.



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The post-lockdown period is proving that Italians have started to focus on equity crowdfunding again. These days, three campaigns have collected at least $1.18 million (€1 million) each. The first one is a real estate project presented on the Walliance platform, a holding company specialized in investments in SMEs on Opstart and a health-tech startup on Doorway.

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The real estate project Gorle by Fabrica

The real estate project Gorle by Fabrica, presented on the real estate crowdfunding platform Walliance has reached the goal of $1.18 million (€1 million) in a few days.

The project is located in Via Duse 4, in the municipality of Gorle, not far from Bergamo. It envisages the construction of a residence for residential use only for a total of 14 units. Residenza Laura 4 involves the construction of three buildings, two with 5 and one with 4 housing units, arranged on three and two floors above ground as well as a basement for cellars, technical rooms, and garages.

The design idea foresees an exclusive residence characterized by particular attention to the architecture of the buildings and the surrounding areas, the construction technologies and the general quality of the product offered.

The project was entrusted to the architectural firm AR&E STUDIO, based in Gorle. This is how the architect Marco Fiorina, owner of the firm, described his architectural choice: “The project is characterized by straight and clean shapes, essential elements with modern colors and materials such as glass and wood, inserted in a residential area surrounded by greenery. The guideline was the creation of a residence where pedestrian paths were surrounded by greenery and private gardens protected by public property.”

Top SMEs in Italy

PMI TOP Crowdinvesting is the first holding company in Italian SMEs, thanks to which even crowd investors can finally access alternative investments in Private Equity and Private Debt, until now reserved for a few investors with large assets.

The company closed in advance its equity crowdfunding campaign on the Opstart portal, having reached its maximum funding target.

The company’s mission is to create a portfolio of investments in small and medium-sized Italian companies with high growth potential, with the dual aim of increasing the value of the portfolio with a view to medium-term remuneration and generating a positive impact on the real economy.

In fact, thanks to alternative financial instruments such as private equity, venture capital, private debt and crowdfunding equity, the holding company will provide risk capital to companies with the best assessment of growth potential, which with the resources injected will be able to finance their growth and produce the following benefits: produce innovation, generate employment, increase productivity and turnover, ensure an increase in portfolio value.

AorticLAb raised $1.54 million (€1.3 million) on Doorway

The Italian startup AorticLab closed the equity crowdfunding campaign on the Doorway platform with a collection of $1.54 million (€1.3 million). In addition to the Doorway crowdfunding campaign, industrial investors, including the business angels of Italian Angels for Growth (IAG) and Investors’ Club, joined the round. The campaign was launched last March and since then the two Italian business angel networks, which together invested over $947,000 (€800,000), have been announced to join.

AorticLab is currently developing a low invasiveness system for the functional restoration of the native aortic valve affected by calcium dystrophy. The system, based on transcatheter technology, is inserted through the femoral artery and consists of two devices that operate independently. An innovative ultrasound scaler that fragments the calcific formations in the valve flaps promoting the functional recovery of the aortic valve. The second device is an anti-embolic filter with the function of capturing the blood or calcific emboli generated during the procedure. The filter can be advantageously used individually during the implantation of transcatheter valve prostheses (TAVI).


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