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The Weekly Digest: What’s Hot in Affiliate Marketing [Week 9]

If you already thought Brazil was weird, just wait until you see the state of its online sports betting regulations. On the one hand, you’ve got a government that has been incapable of passing regulations on it for years. And on the other, you’ve got the same government that has just sort of sanctioned it. In any case, now’s a great time to promote in Brazil with Parimatch Affiliates.


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Quick Disclosure: We’re about to tell you how Parimatch Affiliates are pretty great. And we really mean it. Just know that if you click on a Parimatch Affiliates link, we may earn a small commission. Your choice.

If there was one nation that summed up the confusing mess of the online world, it would have to be Brazil.

And it’s not just political history, either.

If you don’t believe me, then tell me what the first two images that come to your mind when you think of Brazil are.

Let me guess… There’s this one…

Credit: Kelly Repreza via Unsplash.

And then this one…

Credit: Terry George (CC BY-SA 2.0) via Wikimedia Commons

Now try and explain to me what a full-blown party has to do with Jesus fasting for 40 days in the desert.

And before you think I’m cherry-picking examples, just take a look at the state of online sports betting over there — it’s officially-but-unofficially sanctioned.

But more on that in the news section. First, we’re going to need to give you a good partner program to pair up with this news. So let’s get into it. Affiliate Partner Program of the Week — Parimatch Affiliates

In case you didn’t know, online sports betting isn’t technically legal in Brazil. But that doesn’t mean it’s not tolerated. In fact, there are about 450 operators serving the country right now.

But we’re not interested in all 450 operators. We’re only interested in the best operators.

So on that note, let us introduce you to Parimatch Affiliates.

Parimatch Affiliates

Parimatch Affiliates — Earn Big With a Brand-Name Sports Book

Parimatch Affiliates have been around for a while now. In fact, the Parimatch Affiliates mothership (the Parimatch bookmaker) has pretty much been around since the dawn of the mainstream internet.

And, if their 26-year history wasn’t enough to get you to join Parimatch Affiliates, they’ve also got their logo plastered all over the sports world. For starters, there are sponsorships with Chelsea FC, Leicester City FC, and the appropriately named Parimatch League.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is this — join Parimatch Affiliates if you want to promote a nice, reputable, globally-recognized brand.

Parimatch Affiliates

Promote in Brazil (And a Bunch of Other Geos) With Parimatch Affiliates

As for where you can promote Parimatch Affiliates (Besides Brazil), you can promote to bettors from UA, BY, KZ, AZ, TJ, KG, IN, NG, TZ, AU, CA, MY, and UZ geos with Parimatch Affiliates. So while we’re specifically mentioning Parimatch Affiliates for the Brazil thing we’ve got later, that doesn’t mean you can only promote Parimatch Affiliates in Brazil.

Parimatch Affiliates


Now for the bit you really want to know about — Parimatch Affiliate commissions. Here, Parimatch Affiliates only publish the newby rate — 25% rev share + CPA (region-dependent), depending on your chosen plan.

But, as with most good programs, Parimatch Affiliates are open to negotiating custom deals once you get a few referrals under your belt. So just promote hard, negotiate hard, and big commissions will eventually come.

Pinky swear.

Parimatch Affiliates

Oh, and the minimum for payout from Parimatch Affiliates is $100 — nothing too hard to achieve.

Promote Casino, Sports, and eSports With Parimatch Affilaites

Okay, so while we’re focussing on sports betting this week, it’s also worth mentioning that you can promote casino and eSports offers with Parimatch Affilaites. Parimatch offers live casino and instant games, and you’re totally welcome to promote them through Parimatch Affiliates.

Parimatch Affiliates — What More Needs to Be Said?

What more can we say? Parimatch Affiliates are open to Brazilian bettors (and plenty of others), pay decent commissions, and are backed by a reputable household name. Do you really need more?

Parimatch Affiliates

News Takeaways

Going Viral on Twitter

Last week, we picked up on Musk’s promise to open source the Twitter “for you” algorithm. At the time, he said he would do it by “next week.”

But here we are, one week later. “Next week” is now “this week.” And we’re yet to see the hallowed algo.

Now, obviously, we weren’t expecting much. Musk does have a long history of missing deadlines. But that doesn’t mean we weren’t desperate to find out precisely how you can crack the “For You” feed and go viral on Twitter.

And so, we dug deep into the annals of this-week-on-the-internet history. And lo and behold, we found something promising. But first… did someone just say annals?

Okay, that was childish. Back to the news.

Here’s How to Go Viral on Twitter

Just last Monday, Ryan Broderick (in his Garbage Day newsletter) claimed that he “gave in to the new Twitter algorithm and… went way too viral.” Which is basically saying he thinks he cracked the code.

So, how’d he do it?

Well, his trick involves two key ingredients:

  1. Tweet about something that’s already viral.
  2. Self-engagement.

Now, the first part should be self-explanatory. If “ChatGPT API” is going viral on Twitter (which it is right now), then it makes sense to lean into it, right?

But it’s part two that seems to be the real secret to getting your tweet to rise above the masses and shoot to internet stardom.

But what is this “self-engagement” thing?

It’s really quite simple. It essentially boils down to replying to your own Tweet, and to everyone who comments on your Tweet.

And that’s it. The formula has worked with some consistency for Broderick, who, until attempting this ‘one weird trick,’ wasn’t getting much love from Twitter.

Of course, I am shortcutting this a little bit. But if you really want to read his whole post, it’s available here.


Unfortunately, Broderick lets us all down at the end. He concludes, “I’m still unclear how I can use any of this to promote Garbage Day.” Apparently, for all the fun he pokes at “teenage tweetdeckers trying to sell dildos,” he’s entirely incapable of imagining how he can use virality to promote his newsletter.


I mean, he’s literally going viral talking about the content from his newsletter.

But doesn’t even bother to mention/link to the newsletter in a single tweet? Really?

Of course, you all know the old content marketing trick — deliver 90% of the value upfront, then promise people there’s even more where that came from… if only they buy your product.

But, in this case, your product is your affiliate site. Or, in his case, it’s his newsletter.

Point is, go viral. But always throw in a link or two… like this one I just pulled from the “ChatGPT API” feed.

You see, that wasn’t hard. And now he’s gonna get some clicks to his website. Go Jesse.


Yes, it’s true. “ChatGPT API” is really trending on Twitter. And yes, that does mean ChatGPT is now open for developers to start building apps on top of it.

Now, some of you are probably thinking along the lines of “But I’m not a developer,” or “I don’t have the budget for custom apps.”

But hold your horses just a moment. You’re wrong. Check this out.

Now, the bit you should pay attention to here is the “16 lines of code” bit. To translate that into a “what does it mean for you” statement, this means you can now develop all sorts of super-powerful things with very minimal code.


So here’s the thing. While you might not be hugely into custom dev work, most of you would probably okay with ordering a $100 custom WordPress plugin off of Fiverr. Or at least, you would have been if said plugin wasn’t practically useless for all but the most mundane tasks.

But today, with ChatGPT wired in, you can now develop a super-powerful app for about the same price. Here’s a little weight-loss bot that I cooked up in the playground to illustrate. (Hopefully, I don’t need to point out the obvious affiliate marketing tie-ins here…)

Now, the only downside to this is the usage-based pricing. That offsets the low upfront dev costs. So yeah, you probably don’t want to put your custom bot up on a free-for-all site with unlimited public access. That is, unless you’ve got a way of getting massive conversion rates.

But here’s an idea. What if you used this as a lead magnet type of thing? So, instead of offering a free eBook or whatever, offer a “free email consultation” or something to that effect. That way, you’re only paying for API usage when someone actually subscribes to your list.

Yeah, maybe that could work. And I’m sure you can think of a hundred other uses besides email consultations if you just put a little thought into it.

The Real “Online Sports Betting Is Launched in Brazil” Story

If you’re anything like us, you probably scroll through the news on Affiliate Insider from time to time. And if you do, then you probably also had this headline catch your eye: iLottery and Online Sports Betting Is Launched in Brazil. And then, if you read the story, you were probably in for a bit of a let down.

Now, first, let’s back up a little.

I’m not sure how familiar you are with the online sports betting thing in Brazil. But let’s just say that the legal background is hugely messy. So, to save time and cut to the chase, the official-but-not-official position right now is that it’s “not sanctioned, but offshore operators are tolerated.”

However, while there are no official regulations at the federal level, there are a handful of states that have introduced their own exceptions. For example, the state of Paraíba introduced fixed-odds sports betting in January this year.

The thing to note here is the bit in this article that says, “It is worth noting that the decision made official by the Government of Paraíba is limited to the state territory.”

A similar disclaimer applies to the Affiliate Insider headline, which should have used “Minas Gerais” (a Brazilian state) instead of “Brazil” in its headline.

Basically, sports betting didn’t just launch in Brazil. What actually happened was a state-run lottery operator (Loteria Mineira) launched an online sports betting product called LotoMinas.

Disappointed? Here’s the good news…

So, maybe that was a little disappointing as an affiliate. I mean, apart from a state-run lottery launching an online product, not much has changed. And who’s gonna promote a state-run lottery?

Not me.

But here’s another headline from this week that’s a little less disappointing: Brazil Plans to Tax Online Sports Betting and Gambling to Offset Income Tax Rates.

And yes, I am officially going on the record and saying that an announcement for a new tax announcement is good.

Here’s why.


The two bits you should be paying attention to here are:

  1. While sports betting is not sanctioned, it has been tolerated.
  2. Brazil plans to tax sports betting.

Taken together, there’s only one logical conclusion — Brazil has officially-but-not-officially authorized online sports betting. After all, if you’re going to tax something, you are kinda endorsing it, right? I mean, it wouldn’t make sense for a war on drugs nation to come out and say, “we’re gonna introduce a tax on crack, smack, and gak,” would it?

No, that would just be a weird implicit endorsement.

So maybe sports betting kinda did just officially launch in Brazil. And if that’s a safe conclusion to make, then there has never been a better time to start promoting in Brazil. You pretty much just got a green light that says, “all your efforts won’t be for nothing in six months time when we change our minds and decide to crack down on online operators instead.”

So here’s a good idea — go and sign up with Parimatch Affiliates and start promoting in Brazil. It’s a massive market for online sports betting, and the government just implied they’ve no intention of destroying it.

Parimatch Affiliates

And yes, Parimatch affiliates do accept Brazilian bettors.

Closing Thought

The real fun with ChatGPT starts when you assign it a role to play. And if you don’t know what I mean, just look up “DAN” on Reddit.

So to celebrate the launch of the ChatGPT API, I thought I’d have some fun and bring you an oddly specific character — a motivational speaker who answers any question with a motivational quote.

So with that goal, I gave it this “system” prompt:

You are a motivational speaker. You only speak in motivational quotes. No matter what you are asked, you must always respond with a motivational quote.

And this is what I got:

So there you have it. Next time you need JP Morgan to help you beat your porn addiction, just head to ChatGPT, give my prompt, and fire away.

Of course, this little motivational chatbot does have its limits… I mean, I’m not sure what actionable advice is given here:

But hey, at least Parimatch Affiliates have something a little more actionable if that’s what you’re looking for.

Parimatch Affiliates


(Featured image by SevenStorm JUHASZIMRUS via Pexels)

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