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TRANSMURAL Biotech introduces quantusFLM, a crucial aid for high-risk pregnancies

Transmural Biotech, a company in which Asisa holds a majority stake, responds to an unresolved clinical need through quantusFLM: Neonatal Respiratory Morbidity (NRM) being the main problem in premature babies. The company offers the first test that can predict this risk of NRM with a 100% non-invasive way. An ultrasound can be used with quantusFLM which offers results that are almost immediate.



This picture show an ultrasound picture of a baby.

Transmural Biotech, a company owned by Asisa, responds to a clinical need that has not been resolved by means of quantusFLM: Neonatal Respiratory Morbidity (NRM) as the main complication in premature babies, which is on the rise in developed countries. Neonatal Respiratory Morbidity is the main cause of admission to the NICU, with an average stay of about 7 days.

At present, we only know that the earlier a baby is born, the greater the risk of having an MRI, and there is no reliable, non-invasive way to determine this, until now; only amniotic fluid is tested by a puncture. And knowing this non-invasively – with quantusFLM – can be important in making a decision about delivery.

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A very reliable test with only one ultrasound

quantusFLM is the first test that can predict this risk in a 100% non-invasive way. It is based on the analysis of ultrasound images using Artificial Intelligence; therefore it avoids invasive techniques that require a sample of amniotic fluid.

It works through a web application, which grants access to the platform that includes an algorithm that, in the ultrasound, analyzes the textures of the fetal lung at a level not visible to the human eye – since it is a microstructural analysis – and determines in a few minutes its lung maturity.

Born from a medical need, developed by experts in Artificial Intelligence

quantusFLM is the result of the collaboration and research of a multidisciplinary team of doctors and engineers, with the aim of responding to a clinical need, to provide crucial data that can help the medical professional in the decisions that must be made during pregnancy. And it is backed by a multi-center study carried out in different hospitals managed by different companies, and even with ultrasound scanners of various brands and models. A great variety of ultrasound, taken in different clinics and by different professionals (without any relation to Transmural Biotech) guarantees the impartiality of the study.

An ultrasound can be used with quantusFLM; Transmural Biotech’s only recommendation is that it be in DICOM format because it provides data that contribute to the quality of the study and, therefore, to an even more reliable result.

The quantusFLM technology has been endorsed by several scientific publications and has made Transmural Biotech, majority-owned by Asisa, one of the 20 most innovative health technology companies in 2019, according to the prestigious Technology Innovators.

quantusFLM provides the analysis, the doctor makes the decision

quantusFLM can be a very useful tool in cases where the medical professional is assessing the termination of the pregnancy for different causes. For example, in cases of hypertension or diabetes that are difficult to control, fluid retention with edema, previous history of unexplained fetal death or very symptomatic cholestasis, among other situations that lead the doctor to consider an elective C-section. Knowing the risk of MRN with such a high degree of reliability may be an additional factor in confirming or postponing the delivery.

Direct benefits

In addition, quantusFLM brings a number of benefits in several areas. For the patient, because invasive and risky tests are avoided and the results are almost immediate. For the medical professional, because it can offer future parents more personalized attention with the guarantee of high reliability and state-of-the-art technology. And all of this at a low cost per test, with payment for use, without minimum consumption or maintenance, in addition to the savings made by avoiding admission to the NICU.

quantusFLM is an unprecedented solution and a step towards the medicine of the future: non-invasive, highly reliable, customized, almost immediate and at a minimal cost.


(Featured image by Daiga Ellaby via Unsplash)

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