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The Treaty of Rome: A symbol of peace, better life for Europeans

The Treaty of Rome established the European Union 61 years ago.



The Treaty of Rome founded the European Union 61 years ago and ended centuries of conflict by introducing peace and a better life for Europeans.

EPP Group Chairman Manfred Weber comments on how far the EU has come and the path ahead. The Euro, the Erasmus student exchange program, and better border protection are some of its accomplishments. Weber also calls on European voters not to be swayed by populists in crucial election years.

The last 60 years of the European Union are, historically speaking, not the normal time of Europe explains Weber. This is so because peace was not a normal situation for the European Union. That is why the European Union as a creation is a success. According to him, if Europe didn’t exist today, we would have a clash of national interests. Europe is all about coming together, representing one’s own national interests, but finding a common solution to them, says Manfred Weber.

The launch of the single currency, the Euro, in 1999 was another big achievement. The 2008 financial crisis would have been much worse had countries had to withstand it on their own.

The current threat that is facing the European Union is the powerful cocktail of nationalists, populists, and xenophobes, who are spreading hate amongst people. Some of the other important challenges that lie ahead are the migration crisis and terrorism.

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