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Your clients will look for you online: 5 reasons why you should invest in a website

If you own a business, having a website means being involved in a process which will represent you on the internet.



Web design and development has come a long way since the 8-bit graphics of the 1980s and 1990s.

Today, everything looks sleek and hi-tech. Objectives have also evolved, such that the focus now is not just about mere presence, but building a solid relationship between the content provider and the end user, between the medium and the message.

Websites serve a function – they do not merely exist for display. It is a combination of outlining information and creating visual devices that will provide your target market with knowledge about who you are and what you do.

Here are 5 reasons why a website is a sound investment:

1. It will make you available to your customers 24/7.

Unlike offices and shops which can only operate on a specific timeframe, a website is open all day, every day. It means that your customer can visit your site and avail of any information they need whenever they want to and at their own convenience. If you also set up a dedicated contact form, they will be able to send you queries even after conventional office hours.

Moreover, if your website doubles as an online store, customers can buy your products and place an order at any time, regardless of where they live. That kind of availability will definitely enhance a customer’s faith and trust in your service.

2. Social media does not hold enough leverage especially if you want active customers.

The common mistake that a lot of companies make these days – especially small- to medium-sized enterprises – is that having social media accounts is enough. Contrary to popular belief, despite the wide reach that a Facebook page or a Twitter profile can provide, they cannot sufficiently offer your customers everything that they need to know.

Every interaction is more meaningful if there’s a positive call to action, and that means leading your followers to your website, where they can order a product, contact you, and read about your company, among others.

3. You want to be the first thing people see in search results.

There is power in coming up on top of search engine results. Taking care to invest in design as well as content will give your site better chances in being indexed.

People use Google to look up a lot of things all the time, and having a website gives you a bigger opportunity to reach potential customers. (Source)

Consider the internet as an online version of the yellow pages – when people look for services or products that your business happens to offer, wouldn’t it better that they find you instead of your competition?

4. It shows your customers that you are interested in building a relationship with them.

The key is in the kind of website that you build – will it just be a static repository of information, or will it be interactive? For instance, ITCraft has developed several projects with different functions, from a website that allows visitors to book tables at restaurants to tracking air freight loads. Having an online presence allows you to be present for your customers’ needs even if you’re not physically there.

IT craft

ITCraft provides software programming services to over 30 active clients from 16 countries.

5. It will strengthen your brand.

This is where good design and development comes in, and where aesthetic is crucial in carrying your message and company values. A well-designed website doesn’t necessarily have to be fancy, or employ the use of moving images and flashing banners. The important thing is that information is presented clearly and that the overall look reiterates your logo, color scheme, and brand identity.

Just like you would spend money on having business cards printed, or would take the time to meet people and network, having a website means that you are ready to get in touch with customers who are online. After all, everyone is almost always connected to the internet now, if not at their computers then via smart devices. If you want to be within the periphery of their attention, and if you want to capture their interests amidst all the noise of other businesses, then a website is a good way to go about it.

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