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How to achieve your sales goals with WooCommerce popups

If you are running an ecommerce store that is getting loads of traffic it is great! But are you capitalizing on your website traffic and getting enough leads and sales? If the answer is no, then it’s the right time to implement some of the most effective marketing strategies that increase your sales. Showing a popup that offers free shipping is a great marketing strategy.



Running an eCommerce store that generates lots of traffic, conversions, and sales is no easy feat. Keeping visitors to your store and encouraging them to make a purchase decision is a challenge for many eCommerce marketers. 

Fortunately, popups exist to help eCommerce marketers garner customers’ attention and encourage them to complete the checkout process. A popup can easily be used for your WooCommerce store to inform visitors about your special discount or promotion code. With the help of popups, you can notify your customers about your new arrivals, company news, and anything you want to promote

In fact, popups, if used right, are one of the best marketing tools for your WooCommerce store that can help you improve UX and grow your email list. If you are wondering how popups can attract and maintain visitors’ attention and help you achieve your conversion goals. Here are some amazing ways to make the most out of WooCommerce popups and generate more sales for your store. 

Use lightbox popups to grow your Email list 

Do you know that you can increase the number of subscribers by smartly using popups? Growing your number of subscribers can help you boost your revenue. If you want to increase your email list, all you need to do is to display the right popup at the right time. The key is to provide visitors with the most relevant and valuable offer; otherwise, they won’t share their contact details with you.

For instance, you can encourage your visitors to join your email list by offering coupon codes, eBooks, infographics, webinar registration, and other exciting things that you think will persuade visitors to share their email address. Make sure to display these popups on top of a webpage that visitors are viewing and darkening the background so that visitors can focus on the offer you want them to see. 

All in all, it is a powerful tactic that you can use to generate email leads and increase your number of subscribers. 

Kill cart abandonment with exit-intent popups   

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest challenges many eCommerce businesses encounter. eCommerce marketers put their best efforts into creating effective strategies that get visitors to complete the purchase. Exit-intent popups are the most important elements of a WooCommerce store that can prevent customers from abandoning the shopping cart.

When you display an attractive popup with an interesting offer, it will definitely encourage customers to view the offer, stick to your store, and lead them to successfully checkout. Exit-intent popups can not only hook the visitors back, but they can successfully reduce the cart abandonment rate. So, try to create attractive exit-intent popups and provide your customers with a reason to stay and motivate them to complete the purchase.   

Use in-cart upsell popups wisely 

Believe it or not, in-cart upsell popups are one of the best strategies that ecommerce marketers can use to generate more revenue from their existing customers. Basically, the ultimate goal of displaying in-cart popups is to provide your customers with the most relevant and personalized offer and encourage them to spend more. 

For ecommerce businesses, promoting their offers to their existing customers is far easier than the new ones. Therefore, using in-cart upsell popups that show targeted product recommendations will definitely increase your chances of getting more conversions and boost the profit of your online store. 

Create popups to cross-sell 

Cross-selling popups, if used strategically, can do wonders and generate a spike in your sales graph. Displaying similar products based on the items your customers search for in your store is a worthwhile strategy that can help you generate more sales and profits. Basically, the real purpose of displaying these cross-sell popups on your WooCommerce store is to promote other products to your customers so they can make their mind to make more purchases. 

Creating cross-selling popups for your WooCommerce store can be challenging. The key is to create a list of items that can pair well together with the product your customer is about to purchase or added to the shopping cart. Showing a related product suggestion will surely entice customers to buy more products instead of one. If you want customers to add more items to their shopping cart, you should try implementing cross-sell popups to your WooCommerce store.   

Free Shipping + Discount Popups

If you want to maximize conversions and sales for your ecommerce store, then showing a popup that offers free shipping or an exclusive discount is a great marketing strategy. It entices customers to complete the purchase decision immediately and get the discount offer to save money. Displaying a free shipping popup lets your customers know that there are no hidden charges and taxes. And if they achieve a special discount, it will motivate your customers to buy from your ecommerce store. This means more conversions and high profits. 

Gamify your popups 

Okay, this sounds crazy, but it works. Gamification is an exciting technique that many ecommerce marketers are using to grow their email subscribers and generate more sales. You can also use gamified popups to your site by using a creative game approach. You can offer incentives to motivate users to participate and win something exciting from your store. For instance, you can offer a special discount, free shipping, free subscription, free product, or anything else that entices customers to participate and win the special prize.   


These are some of the most effective and result-driven ways to use popups on your WooCommerce site. If used right, these popups can help your eCommerce store grow your email subscribers and encourage your customers to make more purchases from your site. 

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