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How the best luxury hotels in the U.S. answer growing traveler needs in style

The luxury hotels are thriving this month due to different promos and upgrades in features.



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The best luxury hotels in the U.S. shine this August, and the way they’re raising the bar for their already prized features and services is also an indication of the changing preferences and growing needs of their equally high-powered world-trotting clientele.

USA Today turns the spotlight on the major hotels that have been built recently—or are being upgraded—in the United States this August. These four are recognizable brand names that are usually patronized by the rich, the famous and the powerful: Waldorf-Astoria on the West Coast, Hilton in Washington D.C., Hyatt House in New York, and Ritz Carlton in Chicago.

Yet one look at the USA Today’s report shows that these eminent hotel chains are not resting on their laurels and past glory, but are in fact stepping up higher into their A-game to capture newer larger, markets while retaining their loyal clientele.

Luxurious resort.

The best luxury hotels in the U.S . are thriving this month. (Source)


The Waldorf-Astoria

The Waldorf-Astoria pulls out all stops to make its guests feel extra welcome and special, relying on its old-Hollywood-like design to evoke feelings of classic glamor and show business royalty. Each guest has their own concierge, can access a Rolls Royce for drop-off services, and may avail of their own private cabanas alongside the rooftop swimming pool.

Hyatt Hotel

The Hyatt Hotel in Chelsea is the first of the brand’s to open in New York City. What it offers is space and a stunning view of the famous non-stop-growing skyscraper skyline. Guests can easily bring in more of their family and friends because of the lofts inbuilt into the bedrooms. Parties are easily served by kitchenettes in the apartments.

Ritz Carlton

Meanwhile, art lovers can get blown away by the new and revolutionary designs that have crafted the Ritz Carlton in Chicago as its own exquisite piece of ingenuity. One of its attractions are pieces from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. Almost nothing can top the sight of the Flying Wave, a floating glass sculpture which greets the guest as soon as the elevator door in the 12th floor opens.

Waldorf-Astoria Hotel New Orleans interior best luxury hotels

The design of Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in Beverly Hills harkens back to the glory days of old Hollywood. (Photo by The Roosevelt New Orleans – A Waldorf Astoria Hotel via Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA 4.0)

Hilton Washington D.C.

On the other hand, digital mavens will find a more suitable home in Hilton Washington D.C. which has wired its entire infrastructure to make its rooms and other facilities accessible through smartphones. Guests can use their mobile devices to book accommodations, select their rooms, check in, and tick off a list of items they want waiting for them as soon as they arrive.

Mobility in style is one of the most sought-after perks by business travelers and their families. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, various hotels in that city, like Dream, have their VIP guests and their families chauffeured around the golden state in Lincolns and Continentals.

Ultimately, though, reports Bloomberg, the affluent do not mind splurging on top accommodations that offer unique experiences. One caveat, though, is that their privacy and that of their families are protected. In that regard, the best luxury hotels in the U.S. have nothing to worry about.

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