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Big web design trends that will survive this year

Typography, long-scrolling websites and moving content are three big trends in the web design industry this year.



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Every year, websites adapt to what’s hot in the design world to keep up with consumers’ ever-evolving tastes and preferences. It’s hard to see an outdated website these days, since most famous online hubs do their best to give the best user experience without losing sight of their aesthetic philosophy.

Several web design trends are expected to transform mundane websites into sparkling new places on the Internet. Listed below are some of these trends.

Responsive web design

With the growing number of devices that people use to access the web, responsive web design is a must for those who want to be “in.” According to responsive web design expert Ethan Marcott, this trend marries function with design, considering the current shift from desktop to handheld devices.

“By marrying fluid, grid-based layouts and CSS3 media queries, we can create one design that responds to the shape of the display rendering it. It’s a more unified, more holistic approach to design, one that doesn’t see the web’s inherent flexibility as a constraint to be limited. Instead, we can finally design for the ‘ebb and flow’ of things, as John Allsopp once put it,” said Marcott in an interview posted by Creative Bloq.

Multinational tech company IT Craft is one responsive web design provider that is a leader in this space. IT Craft has several well-known websites in its portfolio, signifying its strength in the field.

IT craft

IT Craft logo.


According to Webinsation, typography makes up 90 percent of a website’s design. Typography sets the mood of the website while relaying its vision to each user. The type of font reflects the character of the website, and this year, many are putting emphasis on it.

Back in 2012, Smashing Magazine has already hailed typography as the “foundation of web design,” but it’s only now that its importance is being stressed on all levels. Several design elements such as alignment, flow, and structure are considered when developing typography.

Long-scrolling websites

Long-scrolling or parallax scrolling easily became a trend last year. Tech giant Apple, for instance, applied this design strategy on its iPhone 6 product page. News website QuaYesrtz has also begun to apply the functionality to fit the need of their users. The long scroll’s main purpose is to fit as much information in one page in a fluid manner as possible.

This trend is mainly associated with the shift of users from desktop to mobiles or tablets, making it easier for them to browse websites without jumping from one page to another and simply swipe down.

Web design. (Source)

Moving content

If you visit the websites of Paypal or AirBnb, you’ll instantly notice the visually commanding moving content that tell the brands’ stories. Serving as large headers, moving content usually gain positive response from visitors.

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