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Cannabis Strain with Higher THC Level To Be Released for Sale in Uruguay

The new cannabis strain that will be available in Uruguay, will have a THC level of up to 15%. The government thus responds to a demand from the local. IRCCA pointed out that the objective behind it is not for people to have greater availability of THC or to consume more cannabis, but rather to reduce the number of consumers who turn to the illegal market.



The government of Luis Lacalle Pou will launch for sale a third variety of cannabis with a higher level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the cannabinoid with the highest level of psychoactivity among those known, announced the executive director of the Institute for Regulation and Control of Cannabis (Ircca), Juan Ignacio Tastás, during the ninth edition of ExpoCannabis Uruguay.

“This third variety, somehow, is going to have a THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) level, or psychoactive element, lower or equal to 15%; therefore, it would be getting much closer to what many customers or people were demanding. It’s much closer to the THC levels that you can have in the clubs. That was a very important must,” Tastás explained.

The new cannabis variety “could be available in the 30 authorized pharmacies on December 20th,” ExpoCannabis informed in a press release.

Tastás also said that a fourth variety is being developed “that could possibly be launched around December of next year” and that they are analyzing how to guarantee universal access.

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The debate on opening Uruguay to cannabis tourism

“We are 100% in agreement that there has to be a regulation that is legislatively modified so that anyone within the national territory over 18 years of age can access cannabis through legal channels and reduce that gray market that exists today,” said Gonzalo Maciel, of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM).

From Friday until Sunday, the ninth edition of ExpoCannabis Uruguay takes place, a fair in which the State, social organizations, private agents, academia, users, and the live cannabis plant participate, which does not promote consumption, but “contributes to the normalization of regulation in Uruguay and the continent.”

The IRCCA wants a broader and safer market for Uruguayans

The Institute for the Regulation and Control of Cannabis (IRCCA) is studying the possibility that cannabis companies that carry out their activity in the properties near the Libertad Prison can begin to produce their own varieties of cannabis in Uruguay, with the aim of evolving the market local and achieve a more interesting and attractive system both in terms of competitiveness and offer for consumers.

The measure would affect the companies Jabelor and Faises, which already operate on those properties, and Legal, which plans to start working in the area in mid-2023. In this way, cannabis-producing companies could begin to generate their own varieties of cultivation and sell them in the country’s pharmacies.

From the IRCCA they pointed out that the objective behind it is not for people to have greater availability of THC or to consume more cannabis, but rather to reduce the number of consumers who turn to the illegal market. Likewise, with the diversification of the offer, they understand that people’s health will be cared for, while what is produced goes through a process of meticulous analysis of quality and biosafety.

At the moment, the institute is finishing outlining the initiative so that it does not contradict current regulations and has as few errors as possible in its application.

Two new cannabis strains hit the market

To the current offer of two varieties on the legal market, around December 20 a third named Gamma will be added, which can be obtained in authorized pharmacies as the IRCCA had announced a few weeks ago and was confirmed on Friday at the beginning of the ninth edition of the Cannabis Expo.

Gamma will have a percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) —the psychoactive substance in marijuana— of approximately 15%, higher than that of its predecessors, Alpha and Beta, of 9%.

Likewise, the regulatory institute announced that it is working on a fourth variety that would be called E-Plus, with a presence of THC even greater than Gamma.


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