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Crowdfunding site Indiegogo launches online marketplace

With Indiegogo Marketplace, businesses can sell innovative products not easily found elsewhere.



Global crowdfunding site Indiegogo has delved into electronic retailing or e-tailing.

Indiegogo launched Indiegogo Marketplace that allows a startup to sell goods once they are in production and that includes items that were crowdfunded elsewhere.

In return, Indiegogo will take between 10 and 15 percent of the product’s sale price.

Last step

Indiegogo CEO Dave Mandelbrot told Recode, “When the company originally launched, the original goal was just to make it easier for founders.”

Launching the marketplace is the last step of that to ensure that—once they have a product—that is ready for purchase.”

TechCrunch believes that Indiegogo “will mostly attempt to feature goods that consumers won’t find on Amazon, which has developed into fierce competition any e-tailer that’s selling products that aren’t its own branded goods.”

Clever innovations

In a separate statement, Indiegogo said Marketplace would help businesses “get the clever innovations that you just can’t find anywhere else.”

“Interested in being a part of something groundbreaking? Discover the next big thing through Crowdfunding and InDemand campaigns.”

“Or if patience isn’t your strong suit, you can check out the Indiegogo Marketplace to find the products you love—all with guaranteed shipping.”

“We’re also making it easier for you to find the things that you care about most with a new homepage curated just for you.”

The homepage is “complete with editorialized content to help you learn more about what we’re doing, what our campaigners are doing, and what’s going on in the industry.”

Indiegogo added: “When you log in we’ll be serving you personalized recommendations front and center based on your customizable interest profile.”

Indiegogo is launching Marketplace with the goal of having more online business startups to join them. (Source)


Pop-up store

Indiegogo revealed that it would set up a pop-up store with the launch of Marketplace.

We think this deserves a celebration, so we’re kicking things off with the Gogo Pop-Up store. The pop-up store features some of our favorite products and exclusive deals.”

We’re also putting together special holiday gift guides to help you choose the perfect things for the people you love.”

Indiegogo assured, “everything in the Gogo Pop-Up store is guaranteed to ship for the holidays.”

Products on sale

Among the items on sale right now that TechCrunch has found on Indiegogo’s website is the Aumi Smart Nightlight, a light that lies flat on a surface and can be controlled by a smartphone.

The product raised money on Kickstarter in 2015 and is also available for sale right now at Target, TechCrunch reported.

Other products are GoBQ Grill, Batteroo, OIO Amp, uHoo, HiMirror, California Roll, and Leaf.

The GoBQ grill is a lightweight, foldable fabric grill whose founded crowdsourced funds on Indiegogo two years ago.

HiMirror, which tells users about their skin’s condition, is also available for purchase from the manufacturer at Amazon.

Meanwhile, Mandelbrot said shoppers and buyers “won’t find a lot of standard fare” in Indiegogo Marketplace.

But you will find the latest electronic bicycle that’s trying to make transportation more efficient or luggage that follows you around the airport.”

The items in Marketplace are “not the average, everyday things you find on Amazon.”

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