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Flowdron is about to start a crowdfunding campaign

Flowdron’s crowdfunding equity campaign, the marketplace for ENAC certified drone pilots and end customers, is now underway. With the new capital coming in, the app will be able to offer itself on the European market. Among the features proposed by Flowdron that promise to revolutionize the sector stands out, surely, the one related to the SOS intervention button.



This picture show a drone.

Flowdron is the marketplace for ENAC qualified drone pilots and end customers. The platform, a unique innovative project, represents the perfect meeting point between supply and demand. The portal, in fact, offers digital services related to those who work as professional drones pilots allowing them to get in touch with companies, individuals, and public administration bodies showing their professional curriculum (from their skills to the type of drone used, through certifications and flight hours).

On Flowdron everything is geolocalized. In this way the customer will know exactly which professional dronists are available in the area of interest to meet their needs. Among the many features offered by the suite there is also a rating and feedback system to help the customer in the choice of the dronist.

It is also worth mentioning the service of contractual legal advice (with reference to the various administrative and authorization requirements, aviation liability insurance and insurance bodies related to drones damages) that allows to protect both parties.

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The new SOS functionality

Among the features proposed by Flowdron that promise to revolutionize the sector stands out, surely, the one related to the SOS intervention button, a feature that will be finally released at the end of the crowdfunding campaign. It is a function reserved for public security operators (police, fire brigade, etc.) who at any time may require the urgent intervention of professional drones throughout the country.

From monitoring to remediation. Especially in a context still dominated by the COVID-19 emergency, the usefulness of this innovation has no equal on the European scene. Thanks to the SOS functionality offered by Flowdron, in fact, some public administration bodies will be able to intervene in emergencies using highly specialized, verified, and rated marketplace professionals. The results will be tangible with respect to cost containment, reduction of loss of life, and containment of greater post-event damage, thanks to the speed of intervention and the big data generated during the service.

The Flowdron project

Flowdron is a project born from the passion of Rudy Lazzarin, former real estate agent and digital scholar, and Paolo Affolti, security expert. The team is completed with other important elements. In particular Carlo Francesco Dettori, serial entrepreneur with significant experience in the development of B2B and B2C marketplaces, Diego Camnasio, banking professional, Luca Antonio Bodini, IT expert and Patrizia Marcazzan, lawyer at the Milan Court.

Flowdron is a unique initiative of its kind with incredible potential. In fact, it must be considered that the drones sector has been growing significantly in recent years, with estimates indicating a European market of 10 billion in 2024, according to the latest data released by Protolabs Horizon Shifts. Not only that, from 2016 to date, Enac has recorded an annual increase of 13% in the number of licenses, with a strong demand especially in the North and Central Italy and a similar trend also in the rest of Europe.

Among the most requested services to the dronists stand out, certainly, the video inspections and inspections in the industrial sector, but also security, logistics and activities related to sectors such as agriculture and health. Obviously, a substantial slice is made up of promotional and advertising video footage, for example in the real estate and tourism sectors.

The company will launch a crowdfunding campaign in the near future

To climb the European market Flowdron is about to launch a crowdfunding campaign on the platform, where it expects to raise financial resources of up to $177,000 (€150,000) as a first round. The system adopted is that of equity crowdfunding, with which every investor becomes a de facto partner of the company, buying with his investment a share of the company.

That is the best way to finance a new project, as it allows the investor to benefit from business development. In addition, interesting tax advantages can be obtained, including a 50% IRPEF deduction for private individuals and a 30% IRES deduction for companies investing in innovative startups. 

Flowdron can count on a test phase already carried out, in which about 10 thousand interventions were carried out with drones, most of them concentrated in Northern Italy. With the new capital coming in, the app will be able to offer itself on the European market, bringing all its professionalism and expertise to enter a highly profitable and fast-growing business, offering the opportunity for everyone to invest in the Flowdron project.


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