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Organization seeks funds for reforesting ecosystems with modified drones

Excerpt: A Canadian organization has an ambitious project to reforest degraded ecosystems in every corner of the planet. They plan to use their own drone technology, which allows to accelerate the reforestation of degraded natural areas, with a set goal of planting more than a billion trees by 2028. The company needs $7,697 (CA$10,000) to enable the technology.



This picture show drone using in the reforesting process.

To this end, they have turned to the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform in search of at least $7,697 (CA$10,000) to enable them to develop their reforesting ecosystem technology and take it to a global scale. With 19 days to go before the campaign closes, the organization has already managed to beat its funding goal, allowing it to continue its project moving forward.

The organization promises to plant one tree for every dollar received in the campaign. To do this, it will work in collaboration with different experts to allow everything from selecting the most appropriate plant species for each place to sharing resources and knowledge to find the best reforestation solutions.

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An initiative to recover degraded natural areas

Their technology consists of modifying drones so that they can carry out the entire process, which ranges from firing capsules to monitoring the health of the new trees. First of all, a loading drone will have a pneumatic firing system for firing capsules containing pre-germinated seeds into what they call their “secret sauce”, which includes nutrients and other support elements for the seeds themselves.

They will be able to fire one capsule per second, this is ten times faster than planting tree seedlings by hand. By utilizing shots they will be able to ensure that the capsules to reach an adequate depth in the soil to allow them to take root strongly. By using these capsules they ensure that the seeds already have sprouts before they are in the soil and can develop easily, maximizing the chances of a successful planting.

As they point out in the campaign, the use of capsules allows them to have a sufficient amount of them within a month, unlike the use of seedlings, which must spend a period of one to two years in nurseries under intensive care before they can be planted in their final places. Other advantages of using the capsules are that they require less energy and water for their production, having a much lower environmental impact.

In addition to the planting process, the organization will continue the mission by using a spray drone to remove impurities and provide nutrients to the new trees. With the mapping drone, they will monitor the health status of the trees.

Those interested can obtain more information on the website of the campaign itself. These kind of social businesses with specific actionable goals are a perfect example of the power of crowdfunding. By reaching out to a community of individuals who are all interested in a concept that might be ignored by traditional investors the startup is able to make a real difference.


(Featured image by Jared Brashier via Unsplash)

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