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The Forcrowd platform launches its first equity crowdfunding campaign

Forcrowd aims to facilitate immediate access to strategic funds for the implementation of business projects or investment plans, as an alternative to traditional banking instruments. The platform has just launched its first equity crowdfunding campaign for B4tech srl. The minimum funding target is $282,000 (€250,000), while the maximum is $564,000 (€500,000).



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The new crowdfunding platform Forcrowd has launched its first crowdfunding equity campaign. The campaign, with a minimum funding target of $282,000 (€250,000) (equal to a share of capital of 7.5%, with a pre-money valuation of about $3.5 million (€3.1 million)) and a maximum of $564,000 (€500,000) is in favor of B4tech srl.

The company B4tech srl, founded by Antonio Crinieri (CEO) and Luca Terzi (COO) and controlled by B4Service, operates in the field of applied research into the creation and marketing of digital ecosystems for the Industry, Retail, Smart Mobility, Fashion and Health Care sectors in partnership with qualified operators in the sector and for technological solutions aimed at end consumers.

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Forcrowd has Consob’s authorization since 2019

Forcrowd, based in Milan, has a share capital of $130,000 (€115,000) and was authorized by Consob in June 2019. It was born from an initiative of Foradvisory, an independent company in the field of corporate finance and services supporting family businesses. Forcrowd aims to facilitate immediate access to strategic funds for the implementation of business projects or investment plans, as an alternative to traditional banking instruments.

Its founding partners and shareholders come from the financial consultancy sector, with specialization in the economic sectors in which the platform operates, with a deep experience at the service of Italian companies and entrepreneurs. The company’s CEO, Antonio Forte, is flanked by sector experts from the scientific committee, which is responsible for providing opinions on the technical and financial feasibility of each initiative. Forcrowd is the 26th equity crowdfunding platform, among the 46 authorized by Consob, to have launched at least one equity crowdfunding campaign and the 21st between 2019 and 2020.

The company B4tech has developed two digital ecosystems

The first one is B-SMART 4.0: an intelligent ecosystem, which aims to innovate installation, maintenance, and technical support processes, making them predictive and proactive, increasing productivity by 125%, and optimizing installation and maintenance costs.

The second one is CONCEPT STORE 4.0: a new concept of point of sale that, by leveraging innovative and enabling technologies, allows to customize the experience of each customer making it rewarding in every aspect, both emotional and sensory and practical and efficiency, combining the best of physical experience with the best of digital.

The funds will be used for investments and marketing among others

B4tech’s crowdfunding equity campaign has a minimum investment target of $5,650(€5,000). In the event that the campaign’s maximum target is reached $565,000 (€500,000), to which another $56,500 (€50,000) invested by the partners will be added, the capital raised will be used for:

Product and R&D (36%): $113,000 (€100,000) out of the total $620,000 (€550,000) of tangible and intangible investments planned, will be used for research and technological development activities in the B-SMART 4.0 ecosystem.

Marketing and sales (14%): $79,000 (€70,000) out of the $100,000(€90,000) annual costs planned, will be used for marketing and commercial initiatives to promote and sell the B-SMART 4.0 ecosystem on the market.

Warehouse (20%): $113,000 (€100,000) will be used for advances on expenses necessary for the purchase of technology/licenses and for the management of working capital.

Operations (10%): $56,000 (€50,000) out of the approximately $124,000 (€110,000) of annual costs expected, will be used to support the first operating costs, direct and indirect, consisting mainly of personnel and administrative costs.

Capital Expenditures: $203,000 (€180,000) out of a total of $621,000 (€550,000) in tangible and intangible investments planned, will be used for investments necessary for the B-SMART 4.0 ecosystem.


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