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Getting fit through podcasts

Aside from entertainment, podcasts are also used as a tool to get fit and healthy. Audible manuals help promote healthy diet and lifestyle improvements.




Podcasts have many purposes outside entertainment. Some are used to deliver vital information that cannot be relayed through traditional media, while some exist as audible manuals. Fitness and health podcasts are life manuals of sort, as they represent and promote diet and lifestyle improvements with results.

Fitness podcasts serve as a global, free-for-all trainers and dieticians as they fill the entertainment void with tips on how to develop and lead well-rounded, fit lifestyles. Dieting or getting fit is difficult without proper guidance and these podcasts aim to help listeners reach their respective goals without suffering or false hopes.

The Jillian Michaels Show

Hosted by “The Biggest Loser” trainer, Jillian Michaels, this podcast fully explores what the celebrity trainer can do for someone who wishes to change his or her life through the elements that real fitness brings. Michaels is known for her motivation and “tough love,” and she shows this through discussions on love, career, family and of course, health and fitness issues that can be used to improve the life quality of anyone who listens.

Health Podcast

Working out almost means nothing without healthy food consumption. Streamed via Audioboom (LSE:BOOM), Health Podcast is an all-around health channel that discusses better food choices and health reports. One episode called “Cutting Down on Food Waste” is hosted by Elisha Vlaholias, a PhD candidate who’s investigating social reasons for over-catering and food hoarding. This kind of insight gives a new light on how to store and purchase food without participating on the excessive movement that most people are still practicing.

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Katy Says

A firm believer of alternative fitness routines, Katy Bowman hosts the podcast show, which promotes restorative exercise. Restorative exercise is Bowman’s holistic approach to replenish the body’s natural strength and abilities before membership gyms or fad exercises existed. Bowman incorporates natural movements as main driving forces to lose weight and tone muscles. Those who are recovering from injuries might find this podcast useful while aiming to return mobility and strength.


Staying in shape by listening to fitness podcasts. (Source)

Balanced Bites

Liz Wolfe and Diane Sanflippo host this podcast about ancestral eating, or “Paleo.” Wolf and Sanflippo are the authors of “Eat the Yolks” and “Practical Paleo,” two bestselling books about the fitness and health practice that’s becoming quite the trend. Wolfe and Sanflippo, through Balanced Bites, talk about a refreshing and inspiring outlook on the diet, as well as different kinds of nutritional philosophies that follow a low-carbohydrate, grain-free diet.

Fat-Burning Man

This podcast features fitness guidance and advice from Abel James, a man who lost 20 pounds in 40 days with a diet he calls “Wild Diet.” Through his tips, stories, and fitness routines, Abel James shows how his critical thinking made him develop the diet that led to his physical transformation. Abel believes in high protein diets, and explains why a high-carb diet is bad for someone who is trying to lose weight. Abel features nutritionists and health experts in each episode.

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