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Here are some Goodreads alternatives you should know

One alternative bibliophiles should consider is Riffle, where they can rave about their favorite books.



After finishing a good book, there is always that lingering feeling of wanting to read more. As a result, people head to the internet to find a new prospect. Goodreads features a vast roster of books for bibliophiles to pick, and members can also organize their list of books to read with its help.

Aside from giving recommendations, the website allows users to view what their friends are reading. The list of books are grouped according to their categories, and members can order via the website as well. For those looking for inspirational quotes, it also has quite a selection.

However, not all are fans of Goodreads since the website’s interface can be overwhelming. So if you are searching for some alternatives to Goodreads, you can try these following websites and app.


Postepic adds flair to your usual book quote. Users need to only take a photo of their favorite quote from a book or take a screenshot, and Postepic will convert the photo into texts. Users can also insert additional information such as author and book title.

However, the app is only available for iOS users. Android users, on the other hand, may use Google Keep.


Riffle resembles Goodreads in a way that it tracks the progress of the books you are reading. It will then suggest other books that you might be interested in. You will also receive a list of people you might want to follow.

It is a platform that allows strangers to meet and bond over books, be them novels or even business books. Because of its lesser features, Riffle can be considered a lightweight alternative to Goodreads.


Only iOS users can download the Postepic app. (Source)


LibraryThing lets members catalog up to 200 books and offers an option for a lifetime membership or pay-what-you-will annual option. On the downside, it has no mobile app.

Amazon became one of LibraryThing’s shareholders following its acquisition of AbeBooks.


Bookstr gives a glimpse of important updates on your favorite books such as which is about to be released, which ones will have film adaptations or if your favorite author is writing another book. These unique features set Bookstr apart from Goodreads.

The website also offers other activities such as games, quizzes, videos and photo galleries.


The Reddit community launched /r/52Book, which challenges members to read a book every week for the whole year. The platform lets you track your progress and encourages you to increase your reading. You can also recommend books to others.

While the /r/52Book follows a challenge, anyone is free to join the community regardless if he or she has started reading a book at any point of the year.

In the digital age, people are turning to their smartphones and even e-book readers such as Kindle to conveniently quench their thirst for literary works. And with the help of the platforms mentioned, bibliophiles will surely have a lot of options to find new books and even communities to celebrate them.

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