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Crowdfunding to Support the Grande Teatro di Lido Adriano Was Launched

The Grande Teatro di Lido Adriano, initiated in 2022, fosters community engagement in theater production in Ravenna. The project, a collaboration of artists and experts, aims for inclusivity, involving diverse participants in its performances. A crowdfunding campaign supports its continuity and expansion, promoting artistic endeavors and offering an alternative cultural experience for the community.



Grande Teatro di Lido Adriano

The Grande Teatro di Lido Adriano, created in 2022 from the need to build a community theater with the participation of the inhabitants of Lido Adriano and Ravenna, is set up thanks to the collaboration of a coordination made up of artists and experts in visual arts, music and theatre.

For the first edition of the Grande Teatro di Lido Adriano, staged in June 2023, around a hundred people of all ages, genders and nationalities actively participated in the construction of the show. This year too the choir, made up of actors, actresses, singers, musicians and donors, will be the protagonists of the opera.

The whole community can support the project not only to make its continuity possible, but also to contribute to the creation of artistic works available to the community, an expansion of technical equipment to create more and more initiatives with the aim of creating a valid and aware alternative to Lido Adriano and to support the work CISIM|LODC which has been working in this area for almost fourteen years.

The crowdfunding campaign is active on the Rete del Dono platform, and the goal is to raise 4,000. Only 146 were donated so far, but there are 52 more days for the campaign to complete its financing goal.

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What is the Grande Teatro di Lido Adriano?

The project was born from reflections and exchanges between a group of artists and operators from Ravenna, linked to the outskirts of the city, of the most populous and cosmopolitan beach on the Riviera.

This is a co-production of CISIM|LODC and Ravenna Festival. The direction is by Luigi Dadina, director and actor of the Teatro delle Albe in Ravenna; the artistic direction is by Luigi Dadina and Lanfranco Vicari, artistic director of Cisim; the dramaturgy is by Tahar Lamri, a writer from Ravenna of Algerian origins.

The first edition of the Grande Teatro di Lido Adriano: Mantiq At-Tayr – The Word of the Birds

The first edition of the project saw the staging of the show Mantiq At-Tayr – The Word of the Birds, taken from the famous wisdom poem by Farid Ad Din Attar, Persian poet of 1200. About a hundred actors and musicians, children and adults of various nationalities worked together to give life to this first stage of the Great Theatre, achieving great critical and public success.

grande teatro di lido adriano
The first edition of the Grande Teatro di Lido Adriano: Mantiq At-Tayr – The Word of the Birds. Source

The second edition: Panchatantra or the amazing adventures of Kalila and Dimna

The choral game of the Grande Teatro di Lido Adriano returns to compete with a masterpiece that reveals the oriental roots of the West. The second stage, in fact, will be dedicated to the collection of Panchatantra fables, staged for the first time in Italy and Europe, composed in the 3rd century in Sanskrit and translated into Arabic in the 8th century by Ibn al-Muqaffa with the title Kalila and Dimna, pillar of Arabic artistic prose and source of inspiration for La Fontaine’s fables.

Kalila and Dimna are two jackals who live in the court of the Lion King. While Kalila is satisfied with his condition, Dimna craves power and honors and is ready to employ any means to get there. From the swamp comes a powerful and mysterious voice that terrifies the king. Dimna sees in this voice the opportunity to realize his dreams of glory, ignoring Kalila’s warnings. Intrigue, plots, lies and cunning: for Dimna every means is good to achieve his ends.


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