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Why IBM and Visa are turning connected devices into POS

American technology IBM and Visa are working to make various forms of technologies connected through the internet of things.



American technology company IBM and leading financial services corporation Visa collaborated on an innovative project that brings the point of sale (POS) everywhere.

The tech and finance behemoths joined forces in turning automobiles, appliances and all other devices connected to the internet of things into points of sale.

“As the devices begin to get more and more connected the point of sale is everywhere and that is what we are so excited about. The Watson IoT platform will make it really simple for developers to pull the payment application into their devices using the APIs that IBM exposes,” says Avin Arumugan, SVP, Internet of things, Visa.

The Watson IoT cognitive technology platform allows the businesses to communicate to all wearable connected devices everywhere Visa’s payment services are accepted.

“IBM and Visa are bringing together the businesses of the internet of things combined with the technology of the internet of things”, stated IBM’s General Manager, Harriet Green.

Michael Jermaine Cards is a business executive and a financial journalist, with a focus on IT, innovation and transportation, as well as crypto and AI. He writes about robotics, automation, deep learning, multimodal transit, among others. He updates his readers on the latest market developments, tech and CBD stocks, and even the commodities industry. He does management consulting parallel to his writing, and has been based in Singapore for the past 15 years.