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Why influencer marketing is the best option for your e-commerce business

Using famous people in promoting a business is helpful with their huge social media following. Read on to find out about influencer marketing.



Influencer marketing is rapidly occupying e-commerce niche, and it is absolutely natural.

This new way of promotion became a trend that brings a large profit to many companies. Let’s take a look at successful examples of influencer marketing use and the main reasons why you should pay attention to it if you haven’t done it yet.

Influencer marketing: its meaning

Well, first things first. Why is it called social media influencer marketing? An influencer is an individual or a company/brand that is actively using social media to promote themselves. As a rule, these people or companies are already famous and people know them.

And newly originated brands that are not so popular find such influencers and offer them a cooperation. Influencer will promote the business of new companies just by advising it to his/her subscribers. Moreover, it will not look like an advertisement, it should be like a piece of advice.

Of course, it is very important to find an influencer that will be good specifically for your business. For example, tech blogger cannot promote outfit for athletes, right? So your influencer should be close to the business you do.

Thus, an influencer is closer to the audience you need and he/she can increase the trust towards your product from new buyers. And it will help you cover a larger audience. What’s surprising, this model works and many companies have already gained their popularity due to influencer marketing.

Why you need influencer marketing

A lot of brands cooperate with many famous people successfully, and it bears fruit. What is the reason for such popularity? Well, people usually trust their idols and famous people. And it is better than a common advertising since influencers just recommend your goods, it shouldn’t be similar to a advertising.

Well, of course, we cannot ignore the fact that your competitors have already started using influencers services and cooperate with them successfully. That is why you should elaborate your marketing strategy in advance.

We suggest you study all the benefits of cooperating with influencers and why this trend shapes the future.

1. Influencer marketing really works

There is no something stronger in the ad world than a word. According to statistics made by large agencies, more than 90 percent of customers tend to trust recommendations more than a common ad we all see every day.

Therefore, it is a large proof to the viability of influencer marketing trend, and it can be a really good assistant in the promotion of your business.

2. Social media matters

We bet you saw that today many brands promote their product mostly in social media than on their websites. It is connected with a great popularity of social networks among people.

And it’s true—build a website cannot be enough to make a profit and increase more interest in your product. You should be active in social media as well.

Apart from additional interest to your product, you will increase the trust in it if you will be active on social media. People usually trust you if you have accounts in a few social networks that are updated every day, and fresh information is always available.

As a result, influencers can help you make your product popular thanks to a large audience in social media, you just need to collaborate with a right influencer.

Kylie Jenner, who has over 112 million followers on Instagram, is among the top social media influencers today. (Photo by DepositPhotos)

3. Customers need it

How were people interested before? What ways did companies undertake to attract more customers? TV, radio, magazines – all these tools were the main for product promotion.

With the development of Internet network, people have started using it for communication and promotion of their ideas. TV and radio have already become obsolete.

It doesn’t mean that people don’t watch TV, but they don’t have any trust towards it. But the Internet has made a revolution. Of course, it requires expenses to cooperate with influencers, but the game is worth the candle. The audience in social media is growing and influence marketing has its really strong benefits.

4. SEO becomes simpler

As in the case with website or app, you need to optimize search engine to make your software rank first positions in Google search.

Influencer marketing can help you implement it. With the help of influencers, more inbound links and social interest will make your website ranking grow. So it is the basis of right SEO.

5. Tracking comes first

You should always track your marketing campaigns, otherwise, there is no any sense to launch them. Today, social networks can provide you with special tools to measure conversion rate and return on investment rates (ROI) easily. There are a few main metrics you should pay your attention to:

  • The number of visits;
  • Activity on social media;
  • Social feedbacks.

Successful examples of influencer marketing

Now you should see successful examples of influencer marketing campaigns. We will a list a few of them and we will consider different fields of activity, it will give you more understanding of how everything works in that or another field.


Everybody knows this brand. A huge corporation that is specialized in optics and imaging devices. And they had a good experience of influencer marketing application in their business.

Nikon has collaborated with Warner Music to show everybody a high quality of cameras they manufacture. Nikon’s optics was used on festival organized by Warner Music, and the whole performance was recorded with the help of Nikon cameras. All festival’s visitors had also an opportunity to test cameras, take a picture and post their images on their pages on social media.

In addition, all participants of the festival have also used Nikon cameras to record videos on the scene.

Such approach was rewarded – next day Twitter was full of discussions regarding Nikon corporation. As you see, influencer marketing really works. Almost 170M of social impressions. This figure is really awesome.


We cannot ignore this example as well since it also very creative and original. Buick is the brand of cars and this brand belongs to General Motors. So the company decided to promote its new Buick model (Encore) and used Pinterest to do it.

Famous influencers that are specialized in the automotive area held a contest where all participants could create a board where they draw their vision of how the new model of Buick will look. And the board that was chosen by GM as the best was used for building a color spectrum for a new Buick model.

As this task was connected with pictures and drawing, Pinterest was the best option, as you can see. What was the result? About 20V visitors from sich social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

That is what we wanted to share with you. Of course, apart from a good influencer marketing campaign, your product should have a high quality and it should be interesting for people. Otherwise even the coolest influencer won’t be able to attract customers if nobody needs your product. So keep it in mind if you plan to use influencer in the promotion of your product. Be clever and follow the right road!

DISCLAIMER: This article expresses my own ideas and opinions. Any information I have shared are from sources that I believe to be reliable and accurate. I did not receive any financial compensation in writing this post, nor do I own any shares in any company I’ve mentioned. I encourage any reader to do their own diligent research first before making any investment decisions.

Nataliia Kharchenko is a Marketing Copywriter at Cleveroad Inc., a web and mobile development company. For 5 years, she has been among those who forged customer relations via content marketing.