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Is this the Netflix of wine delivery services?

Entertainment behemoth Netflix introduced AI to give its users reliable movie recommendations based on their viewing history. It has become such a radical solution to what ails us as customers today—too much noise, not enough real choices. Wine delivery service Palate Club seeks to embody the same spirit by using data science to help you find your perfect wine.



This picture show a wine glass.

If there’s one welcome development that has been integrated into our lives in the past decade, it is the birth of online consumer consumption. Making transactions over the internet has made our lives easier and more convenient than ever before, from paying our bills to shopping for necessities. As our tastes become more sophisticated companies like Netflix and Palate Club have turned to artificial intelligence to make our lives easier.

The application of AI has become so ubiquitous that it influences a lot of the choices we make today. Netflix’s most popular feature, for example, is its personalized recommendations, where it studies our watching history and suggests similar movies and shows to watch, thereby keeping us always engaged. It is clever and forward-thinking, and has largely impacted the concept of user experience and Palate Club is about to apply this thinking to the wine industry.

Perfect wines, real data

When it comes to the food and wine industry, online wine delivery and wine club subscriptions make up a large percent of sales from wineries and restaurants alike. And now, with the advent of COVID-19 and shelter-at-home orders in various states in America, they have become even more popular. We all need a drink these days, it seems, and what better than having a bottle of red or white delivered straight to your door?

Seriously committed to maximizing the advantage of artificial intelligence, Palate Club is both a data scientist and a wine concierge in your pocket.

Nevertheless, one of these is not like the other. Palate Club, founded by serial e-commerce entrepreneur and certified oenophile Nicolas Mendiharat, is here to disrupt everything you know about wine—by employing AI to draw up your accurate taste profile, and sending you wine that you will really like, not just what you think you like. With an algorithm comprising over 200 wine traits collected and identified by master sommeliers and encoded by expert data scientists, it is a true marriage of wine and technology.

    Find your perfect wine today

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    Palate Club uses real data to send you artisan wines handpicked from all over the world. Shipping to California residents and the rest of the U.S., the objective is to make it easy for you to find the wine you love without having to sift through a thousand labels online, or even reading hundreds of reviews that are more than likely not apt to your taste. After all, everyone’s palates are different.

    Pushing the boundaries

    The process begins by telling Palate Club what you like via their simple and fun wine quiz (or you can dive right in by ordering a tasting kit). Through a set of simple questions, your preliminary profile is calculated, showing your affinity to different wine traits (tannins, body, acidity, sweetness, oak, fruitiness, and alcohol). You are then matched to a list of recommended wines based on your taste.

    Based in San Francisco, Palate Club sends you personalized wine shipments with the labels disguised to initiate a true blind tasting.

    You can opt to order the bottles individually through the wine shop, or you can sign up right away for a personalized and flexible subscription (every month, every two months, or every three months). All shipments are made blind—the bottles arrive in a box with the labels carefully covered—giving you the freedom to taste the wines without bias. Use the accompanying namesake app to continue rating the wines you receive to unlock more information about yourself.

    Bold and innovative, Palate Club puts you at the center and encourages you to be a master of your palate—the more you drink and rate, the more you grow as a wine drinker. The app learns with you and develops the most accurate personal wine algorithm there is in the industry today.

    Your taste matters

    Personalizing customer experience is nothing new. But when done with care, and with the support of machine learning and AI, it can be phenomenal. For Palate Club, it is highly important to help you find wines that fit your profile—the algorithm tracks your ratings and adjusts accordingly for the next shipment.

    Palate Club will deliver wines that it has calculated to be your best match based on your palate profile that gets smarter over time.

    Just as data holds more weight than opinions for a giant like Netflix, it is the same way for this San Francisco-based wine delivery service, who believes that your wine drinking experience should be more about discovery and less about conformity. The app allows you to have a master sommelier at the ready with just a few taps—a recommendation power tool unique to other wine subscriptions out there today.

    History, geography, and memory in a bottle

    Perhaps there is no other beverage in the world that has captured the imagination and transformation of the human spirit better than wine. We pour a glass (or two) to toast achievements, celebrate life events, and welcome guests to our home. We enjoy it with simple or elaborate meals, and with friends at the table or without.

    Wine is bottled time and memory—with every sip, you get to know sunshine and the terroir, the bouquet and the weather, the grape and the winemaker. The emergence of wine clubs has helped vineyards and wineries reach a bigger audience of novices and connoisseurs, though there’s still a lot to be desired when it comes to finding something you like with minimal fuss.

    For Palate Club, the experience of drinking wine should always be an opportunity to taste pleasure and happiness—through personalized wine recommendations and world-class wines delivered at your doorstep. Thanks to AI and data science, all of these are at your fingertips.

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