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You can now own some of these luxury private islands

Having to wake up surrounded by exotic sights, take a walk on your private sandy beach, crack open a coconut from your backyard and just being able to call a whole island your home is a dream coming true for many people.



Nowadays, the trend of buying your own private islands is not only reserved for the insanely rich and famous. Having to wake up surrounded by exotic sights, take a walk on your private sandy beach, crack open a coconut from your backyard and just being able to call a whole island your home is a dream coming true for many people.  

Starting from $100,000, you too can enjoy the perks of having your own piece of land surrounded by water if you bother to do the research and invest smart.

The record for the most expensive, wholly owned private island goes to Aga Khan who bought the exquisite Bell Island in the Bahamas for $100 million back in 2009.

Take a look at the top 5 most beautiful and luxurious private island estates that we pick just for you, which are currently listed worldwide:

Motu Tane, Bora Bora

This 9.5 acres of picturesque paradise is located in the beautiful Bora Bora-French Polynesia. It has everything a person would love for a laidback beach lifestyle: alluring white sand beach, turquoise blue waters, endless coconut groves and exotic tropical surroundings. The owner, François Nars (famous cosmetic brand mogul and artistic director), is selling this luxury property for $42 million.

The enchanting island Motu Tane in Bora Bora. (Source)

Bass Island, Ontario

The 11-acre island on the famous Canadian Lake Muskoka is available for sale for $8 million. Besides being surrounded by the beautiful nature and opulent thick forest, it comes with its own luxury villa, offering beautiful panoramic sunset views, a 1,200 sq. ft. spa, and an elegantly designed interior of 8,500 sq. ft.

The elegantly designed architectural masterpiece on the Bass Island in Ontario. (Source)

Moho Cay, Belize

The 8.5 acres of this stunningly beautiful island can be yours for $4.25 million. Moho Cay, which translates to Wild Orchid Caye, offers luxury Caribbean island living with 2,980 feet of magnificent beachfront and lush greenery, surrounded by crystal blue waters ideal for swimming, snorkelling and diving.

The Moho Cay in Belize. (Source)

Pumpkin Key, Florida

On a 10-minute boat or helicopter ride from the famous South Beach in Florida stands Pumpkin Key. It is an extraordinary 26 acres of private island, with luxury amenities and million-dollar views. Within its gated community, you can enjoy the extravagant and opulent accommodation, accompanied with the lush and vibrant landscapes and many features such as a tennis court, an airstrip for private jets, a helipad, a marina built for mega yachts, and many others. This magnificent place is listed for $95 million and still awaits its owner.

The Pumpkin Key private island in Florida. (Source)

Foot’s Cay, Bahamas

Who hasn’t dreamt about an exotic vacation on the Bahamas? One of its beautiful 700 islands is now up for sale for $16 million. The mesmerizing Foot’s Cay private island is a 20-acre property on the Sea of Abaco, which truly captures the essence of island living. The main house and the guest house on the island are luxury villas in a more traditional Bahamas style and can accommodate 10 people. Other amenities include a tennis court, beautiful gardens, and two large docks.

The Foot’s Cay in the Bahamas. (Source)


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